What Republicans have already won

In one week the 2010 Elections will take place, and the conventional wisdom has the Republicans cleaning the Democrats clocks. Liberals are scurrying like little rats jumping ship to get away from the failed unpopular president and the even less popular Pelosiraptor.

This could be a bigger Republican wave than 1994, with over 100 house seats in play.

Republicans are energized, Democrats are demoralized, and the left is resorting to their typical hysteria.

Some are saying that Republicans have already won.

Let me announce to the world what Republicans have already won.

(Grabbing a megaphone and screaming loudly into it.)


Absolutely nothing!

Let me reiterate…nothing!

Every right of center American voter had better be prepared to fight like a lion in a steel cage. This election is far from over. If we get complacent, we will get our hides kicked.

George Soros is pouring millions into this election through various front groups.

The liberal money laundering (Democrats do it, yet claim conservatives do it) will make the Mafia blush.

The left is about to spend the final 7 days in the worst search and destroy politics of destruction known to man. They will scorch the Earth.

What they did to George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, and Christine O’Donnell was child’s play compared to what they have coming.

Republicans had better be prepared to be have their faces super-imposed with Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot.

The Wikileaks papers were released to have the media talking about President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and Iraq instead of failed liberal policies.

Al Gore broke the Bush drunk driving scandal 4 days before the 2000 election when George W. Bush had a 5 point lead. In 2004 President Bush was pulling away from John Kerry when fake but accurate memos thankfully backfired on Dan Rather, Mary Mapes, and the Jayon Blair Times.

Nothing is safe until the election is over, and even then nothing is safe.

Liberal Democrat Christine Gregoire stole the Washington Governor’s race.

Liberal Democrat Al Franken stole the Minnesota Senate race.

Liberal Democrat Al Gore tried and almost succeeded in stealing the 2000 Presidency.

100,000 lawyers will be dispatched throughout this country to disqualify military ballots and include liberal votes by felons and illegal aliens, as well as children and dead people.

The left will lie, cheat, and steal.




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