Should She Run for President??

Governor Sarah Palin’s star has risen rapidly and effectively. She has been the foremost spokesman for the Tea Party movement. This has taken place as a result of her having been brought to the forefront as the Vice Presidential candidate in the McCain campaign.

Without Sarah’s presence on McCain’s presidential ticket, his campaign would have been an even greater failure. However, the election of Obama with all of his Marxist-Socialist agenda has served as a badly needed wake up call to American patriots who see governmental tyranny in the making.

Never before in our history have we witnessed so many appointments of ‘Czars’, unaccountable to no one but the president.

Never before have we witnessed any President of the United States bow to foreign leaders and apologize to the rest of the world for America’s ‘exceptionalism .’

Never before have the objections of a majority of the American people been so ignored as the Pelosi-Reid-Obamacare legislation which was passed into law by a Democrat-controlled House and Senate who never even took the time to read the thousands of pages of freedom-robbing legislation before voting to approve it!

Never before have we seen such rapid destruction of our free-market enterprise system with the governmental takeover of the auto industry, the banks, healthcare, education, and mortgage companies.

Never before have the American people been so lied to as by the Obama-Reid-Pelosi triumvirate

Now that the Republicans, with the help of the Tea Party, have regained control of the House of Representatives, the ball is in their court. The usual tactic of playing ‘nice’ in ‘reaching across the aisle’ to compromise with the liberals when to do so would be to compromise right principle will be unacceptable. Fear of being called the ‘Party of No’ by the media must be set aside. A strong stand for Fiscal Responsibility, Reduction in Federal Spending and Taxes, Elimination of many federal regulations against Property Owners, the States and Businesses, Return to the Constitution; the Preservation of our God-given Rights to Life, Liberty and Property guaranteed in the Bill of Rights; and defending our Borders against the illegal invasion through enforcement of existing Immigration laws (NOT AMNESTY through Comprehensive Immigration Reform) must be top priorities.

Where Does Sarah Palin fit in?

Sarah’s role as motivational speaker and fund-raiser for conservative candidates would be lost should she decide to become a candidate for POTUS. A partial victory for conservative Republicans this year is going to require someone like Sarah Palin to closely monitor and lead the brigade of Patriots in holding the Republicans’ feet to the fire.

It will be far too easy and enticing for the vocal, demonstrative Patriots who have been fired up about what is happening to our country to slack off the intense fervor that has been demonstrated over the past year. Sarah’s leadership must remain front and center.

So, the question is—How best to maintain our involvement with the daily governmental process to make sure our voices are heard on pending legislation?

It seems obvious to me, that Sarah Palin is best-suited to keep us alert and active.

If Sarah should become focused on her presidential campaign, and have her time taken up in retarding the hateful arrows and insults directed at her, then her role as watchdog of the congress and the contentious legislation under consideration will be buried under a mountain of other issues and much of the effectiveness of the Tea Party Patriots will be lost.

Sarah Palin is in a position to do more to Stop Obama in 2012 by continuing the good work she has begun by helping conservatives nominate a true conservative, articulate and personally attractive candidate who can defeat Obama in 2012. Let us hope Sarah will continue the good work she has begun, and let us not let up in the fight to stop governmental tyranny!


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Sarah Palin is an amazing speaker.  She electrifies an audience with her style and her message.  She is also a proven fund raiser, having raised millions of dollars for candidates across the country.  Her endorsement has also propelled many to success.

That said, she is also a polarizing lightning rod which could split our efforts at regaining the White House in 2012.  The media will attack whoever we nominate, but we have already seen how far they will go to destroy her and take her off message.  That is something you just can't do in a presidential race.

Sarah Palin should become the next Republican National Committee Chair.  She will fire up the conservative base as the chairwoman, while not running off others who's votes we will need to elect a president.  She will fill the coffers with donations and will motivate an army of volunteers to work for our standard bearer, whoever that is, and for down-ballot candidates across the country.  If Sarah Palin had been riding the Fire Nancy bus, the Houston meeting would not have been held in a room meant to hold 100 people.  It could have been held at Minute Maid Park instead!


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