What Should Texas Do About the Major Issues Facing Our State? Don't Ask Bill White!

The following was sent in from The Republican Party of Texas:

Bill White is trying to get into the governor's office without ever having to give a straight answer on major issues. Much of the time he sounds like he's running for the State Board of Education - a board that the voters of Texas elect, but which the radical left allied with Bill White constantly attacks and wants abolished, and for which Bill White isn't actually on the ballot - but he won't answer questions about his own party's major policies. And the mainstream media is failing to hold him to account. When he is asked what he thinks about the big issues, he waffles and filibusters and gets away with it.

Over the past week, concerned Texans have taken it upon themselves to get real answers from Bill White. But being the slippery liberal trial lawyer that he is, Bill White is throwing up a smokescreen to hide his real positions.

A concerned Texan asked him his stance on Obamacare, and got a vague non-answer. But he did confess one thing: He's against the lawsuit to overturn Obamacare (a solid majority of Texans support that lawsuit and want Obamacare gone).

A concerned Texan asked him for his views on cap and trade legislation, and got a lot of hot air.

And yet another concerned Texan asked Bill White for his position on border security, and got no information about his sanctuary city policies from his years as Houston's mayor.

And a concerned Texan asked Bill White if he would have voted for the $700 billion bailout - and got no answer at all.

In short, liberal Bill White is trying to have it both ways - he wants the left to think he's on their team (which he is), but he also wants the majority of the state to think he's not a liberal. That's why he won't just give a straight answer to anything. That won't work.

Don't be fooled by Both Ways Bill. The Houston that Bill White left behind is deep in debt thanks to his mismanagement, and his serial misdirections mask his true positions: He's an Obama-Pelosi Democrat, plain and simple, and Texas cannot afford his liberal ways and ideas.

Please pass this email to family and friends who may be on the fence about Both Ways Bill. It's time to support our great, conservative Governor, Rick Perry, for re-election!


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