Whatever Happened With Sen. Nelson's Gator Aid Deal?

Remember how the Democrats won over Senator Bill Nelson's vote for health care reform back in December by allowing Florida Medicare recipients signed on to Medicare Advantage to stay in the program, while retirees on Medicare in every other state would lose that option? Well good news! According to TampaBay.com, Obama has recently killed Senator Nelson's Gator-Aid! Obama quoted:

"There are provisions that were added to the legislation that shouldn’t have been. That’s why my proposal does not include the Medicare Advantage provision, mentioned by Senator McCain at the meeting, which provided transitional extra benefits for Florida and other states. My proposal eliminates those payments, gradually reducing Medicare Advantage payments across the country relative to fee-for-service Medicare in an equitable fashion. My proposal rewards high-quality and high-performing plans."

Now, if only the Democrats would kill all the many other backroom deals used to buy health care reform votes!


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