Where Is Nevada's Gift, Senator Reid?

Sherman Frederick, publisher of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, wrote the following column to Senator Harry Reid on Christmas morning:

I'm very disappointed.
It's Christmas morning and I can't find one single gift to Nevada from Sen. Harry Reid under the health-care "reform" tree.
Louisiana got a nice package. Florida and Connecticut, too. And Nebraska scored a really big present.
Just three days ago Uncle Harry said that if a senator didn't get his state "something" in the health-care "reform" package, then that senator wasn't doing his or her job.
And yesterday Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., upped the ante. He said that every state did "get something" in the measure.
OK. I'm excited. What's Nevada's gift? Uncle Harry, as everyone knows, is the Big Kahuna of the Senate. He "brings home the bacon," his TV commercials claim. So if Nebraska got dispensation from Medicaid increases forever, one can only imagine the magnitude of Nevada's present.
Flat screen TVs for every man, woman and child? No, no -- that's way too small.
A new military base ... for every county?
A lump of coal and a power plant to fire it?
Maybe double our water allotment from the Colorado River?
Oh, I know: Lifetime exemptions for Nevada residents and all of their descendents from federal income tax? That would be nice.
Whatever it is, I can't wait for the UPS truck tomorrow. The suspense is unbearable.

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