The White House Cinco De Mayo Pandering Party

Obama: Dont Get Between Michelle & A Tamale

PANDERING means to indulge somebody’s weaknesses or questionable wishes and tastes. Obama is pandering to the Hispanics. He promises the Hispanics any and everything but delivers nothing, NADA! The Republicans are not offering the Hispanics anything they themselves don’t already have, Conservative Values and their ‘American Dream’. Most Hispanics are conservative and do not realize that their values go hand in hand with the Republicans. Moreover the Hispanics, because in most probability were brought up Democrat, do not make the connection between conservative values and the two main political parties. Obama is offering ‘Winning the Future’, his agenda as to how to win the Hispanic American. He promises Health Care and Cradle to Career opportunities, this one in particular is scary. He also promises housing and says how the Hispanic community will profit from renewable energy. He will even deliver services to veterans and family members in a ‘sensitive’ way. He signed Executive Order 13517 for economic development in Puerto Rico? A signed paper will do all this? Words are just words until action is taken.

If we show the Hispanic American how their Democrat elected official votes, we can then compare how the Republicans vote, proving that the Republicans are better suited to the Hispanic conservative values. Texans must lead the way in bringing the Hispanic vote to the Republican Party. Do not make the mistake of thinking that the Hispanic vote does not count because you will be miserably mistaken come November 2012. According to the Pew Hispanic Center, there are 8,816,000 Hispanics in Texas as of 2008. Of these 68% are American born. So you see they will be a force to reckon with.

Obama never rests. He is on campaign mode 24/7. And as I have said before, he will do or say anything to win his 2012 reelection. On May 5, 2011 he held a Cinco de Mayo party in the White House to announce his intentions to the Hispanic community. It was a PANDERING party to be more exact in order to get their vote. He promised the Dream Act, to address the status of the undocumented worker, fix the broken immigration system, to protect our borders but he needs them to help. Haven’t the Hispanic Americans heard this before? And is the Texas Mexico border safe and secure?

My favorite lapdog Congressman, Charlie Gonzalez, the one I would like to see unseated was present at the festivities enjoying his birthday. Speaking of Gonzalez, he will continue to be around because of the antiquated Voting Rights Act. So his District 21 in San Antonio and his constituents live on in their badly informed stupor. Wish he would come clean and just mention that he voted for abortion paid by taxpayers. I doubt he will and his constituents will continue to be drawn and enamored of him because after all they have been lead by a Gonzalez for the last 50 years.

It is almost impossible to attend any function in San Antonio, Texas where there is not a Hispanic in the audience. I had the misfortune or not, to listen to a Hispanic American retired teacher who had taught Government for well over 20 years. He proceeded to tell me that he never allowed his students to know how he voted and never told them what party he was affiliated with but always gave them his take on the issue. That alone was a clue. Liberals are Liberals in sheep’s clothing and deceit is their favorite game. He poured his high school story to me saying that while living in McAllen, Texas he was not allowed to attend his own prom night because he was a Hispanic. The resentment that this man carries will probably go with him to his grave. ITs sad that he is not able to overcome this incident and that he has allowed it to swallow him whole. This humiliating experience to a smart young man drove him into the arms of the Socialists/Democrats. Even sadder that he carries this grudge and has spent the last 20 years or so indoctrinating our high school students on Government issues. He strongly believes in the redistribution of wealth and Obamacare. This is but one story. There must be many wounded Hispanic Americans gripped in the past. We must take care to speak of values and not of political parties to engage in conversation. It is only through our perseverance that we will win the hearts, mind and vote of the American Hispanic youth. Obama, the panderer, is not wasting time. The ‘tsunami’ is coming and we must be ready.

Winning the Future:
President Obama ’s agenda and the Hispanic community

University of Texas students listen to Obama speak on Education

Obama meets with students he signaled out in a speech on education to the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce after they submitted a video talking about their families economic woes and asked “Is anybody Listening?”

Obama with students in Los Angeles

Photo by Hoffman
President Addresses Higher Education and the Economy At St Mary’s University

Posted on 08/11/2010 by Office of University Communications VIPs, students, faculty, and ordinary folks were all there to hear what the President had to say regarding education policy. The air was full of excitement. In some ways, the atmosphere was that of a campaign-nay, a pep rally.


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