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Atlas Shrugged Part 1 the movie rated PG-13 opened in April. Have you gone to see the movie? In spite of all we hear, it is the Liberals who support their films and their artists. Attending a movie may not seem like a significant thing to do, but when Liberals support their movies, we complain, and when Liberals support their artists, we complain. Atlas Shrugged is now at your favorite theater so why not support this film before it fades away? It is an excellent opportunity to view a film showing what can and is happening in our America. We must all take personal responsibility for the path America is on today.

John Aglialoro, the writer producer, spent $10M of his own money and the movie has only grossed $3.2M - not a money making venture. But despite the fact that Aglialoro blamed the critics for low attendance on their bad reviews, more blame on the limited audience or the fact that little or unknown actors were used may be a factor. The film is number 49 in money making out of the 174 independent films released this year. It is anybody’s guess if Part 2 will ever be made.

We went to see Atlas Shrugged last week, and it is a chilling view of what is occurring today in our society. The things that caught my attention in the movie were the regulations that are strangling industries, how government with willful intent controlled every minuscule detail of a business, how greed overcame many CEO’s, and the saddest thing I saw was the inability of a wife to love her husband without his ability to ‘give’ her things. The movie may come across as exaggerated since we are not quite there yet, but I do wonder how long before we are there. Ayn Rand’s classic novel was written over 50 years ago.

Today, regulations are strangling our market place; the expansion of government has overtaken the private sector and so many feel ‘entitled’ to services and goods, while the taxpayer pays the price. Government is willfully controlling the ability for commerce to grow. A perfect example of that also reminds me of the movie plot is the recent federal court ruling on Boeing in South Carolina. The ruling said that Boeing is violating a federal labor law and consequently Boeing cannot begin manufacturing planes in South Carolina, thus no new jobs for the people of South Carolina. These are facts in real time.

I dare not give the ending away and besides isn’t it time for a little relaxation? I spoke to Gene Oliver, owner of the Stagecoach theatre in Fredericksburg, Texas, and he sends a special invitation to his Stagecoach Theater to watch Atlas Shrugged. He also sends a clear and sound message. It is the sound at the cash register that will motivate theater owners to bring special films to the public. We must support conservative enterprise whenever possible. In truth, we must be more active if we really want to make a difference.


"Atlas Shrugged" has only been released in 299 theaters across the nation, and I wanted to bring it to the local community. It's a must-watch because the issues it brings up inform today's policy debates. Current data shows that the film is now only on 158 screens. The gross since opening of the picture is about $4M. My understanding of the cost of the film is about $20M. I am not certain of this number, but it is what I have heard. Do the math.

The Oliver family has been in the industry since 1933 and cares very much about keeping the small town theater alive. When pictures come out such as this, smaller venues have a difficult time in bringing these limited release pictures to their theater. If small town theaters close, as may occur due to the digital transition of the film industry, the exposure to this kind of film become even more limited.

For forty years, I have been telling people to support films they say they want to see presented to the public. The movie business is just that, a business, and profitability of movies is very risky. When pictures like this are made available people must support them or they will not be made. Many have asked me if Part 2 and Part 3 are going to be made. I do not know that answer. It all depends on the investors who will risk their money on these kinds of films. If you want them to be made, YOU MUST SUPPORT THEM when they are released. Otherwise the option of this kind of film is further reduced. Even though there are few prints available for this film, if you will support them with your attendance, the potential of more will be reflected by that activity.

I mention these things, because people need to understand that, as far as movies are concerned there is a very clear ballot box. And that box is the theater box office. They box office registers your vote with a number that businesses respond to. That is profitability. Please support films you say you want to appear in movie theaters."

"Atlas Shrugged" is one of those opportunities; please support it with your attendance.

RKO, Inc.
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I liked your article and especially the comments of Gene Oliver which deliver a personal perspective from a businessman, a theatre owner. Unfortunately, articles such as this should have come out within the first 7 days of the Atlas release. Now that the movie is fading with less theatres showing it every week, I am afraid your call is too little to late.

San Antonio opened with one theatre the first weekend and by 2nd weekend there were four. By May 6th we were down to two and last Friday only one. You are right, we vote with our ticket purchases. And EVERYONE who is for reducing gov't spending and getting budget and strangling regulations under control SHOULD HAVE GONE TO SEE THIS MOVIE! I saw it four times to support it and enjoy it.

It's irrelevant if Ayn Rand was an atheist or pro-choice or any of that stuff. That wasn't what the movie was about. It is about getting our freedom back before it's too late. So now my suggestion, for those of you who care about an open dialogue on ideas, is to make plans to see it before it's out of theatres altogether and SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR THE IDEAS IT REPRESENTS!

It amazes me how shallow most of the people who think that Atlas Shrugged is an endorsement of GOP positions.  The argument that says 'see how big government opposes big business' is a complete misrepresentation of what Atlas Shrugged is saying.  The government officials are not acting independently they are under the thumb of the 'businessmen'  whose stock and trade isn't business but pull.  Who do you think tells Mouch what to do?  Is it Mr. Thompson or is it James Taggart, Orren Boyle and others like them?  Nothing is as superficial as it appears.  Your biggest enemy is your unwillingness to Think!  'I am therefor I Think'.

Just thought you'd like to know. Contains link to Texas GOP Vote and StageCoach Theatre. http://www.atlas-shrugged-movie.com/2011/05/as-far-as-movies-are-concerned-there-is-one-ballot-box-the-theater-box-office/


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