Who is Really Behind the Rick Perry "Coward" Ad?

There is an ad running through Texas that shows a photo of Perry spotlighted on a black page embellished with the word "COWARD," all in capital letters. The ad was paid for by Back to Basics Political Action Committee, a group funded almost exclusively by Houston trial lawyer Steve Mostyn, the incoming president of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association and a man known for his outrageous lawsuits, including mold lawsuits, which have made Texans home insurance rates shoot up, and hurricane lawsuits, which have made Texans more vulnerable to future hurricanes. 

The Republican Party of Texas Communications Director, Bryan Preston, went on KWEL Radios "The Craig Anderson Show" today to discuss the real agenda behind the ad.

Bryan Preston stated, "This ad is one of the most irresponsible and, frankly, counterproductive ads that weve seen in Texas in a long time."

Whats Steve Mostyns agenda? Why is he pouring money into support for Bill White and other Democrat candidates and incumbents? So that he can overturn our tort reform, enabling him to keep filing these lawsuits and thus make more money.

Also, when Nancy Pelosi was in Texas yesterday, one of the very people who met with her was trial lawyer Steve Mostyn!

Listen to Bryan Prestons interview with Craig Anderson below:


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