Why I Support Quico For TX-23 U.S. Representative

Recent polls indicate that the number 1 issue in America is the economy and job creation, and nowhere is this sentiment more evident than in Texas' 23rd Congressional District. Our unemployment levels not only exceed our State levels, they exceed the National levels. This is crazy considering that we live in Texas, the last state into the recession and will be the first state out! To me it shows that CD23 has a totally incompetent Congressman who doesn't know how to do anything other than pander.

Congressman Ciro Rodriguez has always been praised by local Democrats because of the government money he has brought us and because he is home more often than any other member of Congress, but considering that CD23 is so "blessed" to have Congressman Rodriguez, shouldn't we have more jobs? You'd think with all the money he has brought our district, we'd have a higher standard of living, but unfortunately our unemployment is higher than the national average. Obviously Congressman Rodriguez cannot do anything other than pander, grow the size of the federal government, and recklessly spend tax payer dollars at no benefit to his constituents. The 23rd Congressional District deserves better, and is in need of real change, and that is why I strongly support Francisco "Quico" Canseco!

Quico Canseco is not only down-to-earth, open to constituent concerns, and approachable, but he also has the experience that our district so desperately needs. As a business-owner, Mr. Canseco knows what it is like to meet a payroll, balance a budget (something desperately needed in Congress), and create job opportunities for others to succeed. Considering that our high unemployment rate, this is exactly what CD23 needs: someone who understands what makes a business successful and what makes the private sector work. With Quico Canseco as congressman, the people of CD23 will finally get a chance to increase their standard of living. Obviously all the money that Congressman Rodriguez has brought to us has not allowed us to prosper and provide a better life for our families; it is time for a change for the better!

But before we can get Quico Canseco into office and the people of CD23 working again, we need to help him win the April 13th runoff against Will Hurd. Now, Mr. Hurd is not a bad guy, so I am not going to attack him as a candidate, but I will say that while he would be a good congressman, Will Hurd is not right for CD23 and cannot beat Congressman Rodriguez. First off, Mr. Hurd's experience is in the CIA. This is definitely admirable, but it isn't what the 23rd district needs at this time. Being a CIA officer might be appealing and cool, but we need to look past this and consider how his experiences will help our unemployment problem and create opportunities for a better life. A CIA officer cannot possibly understand the free-market better than a business owner. I agree that he can appreciate it, but he doesn't have the first-hand experience in the private sector needed in order to get people to work, especially at the capability that Mr. Canseco can. Quico Canseco, however, has more than enough experience to fight for a balanced budget and open up the free market to create lasting prosperity not only in CD23, but across our country. Will Hurd would be better than Congressman Rodriguez, of course, but he does not have more experience than Quico Canseco, and he definitely cannot beat Congressman Rodriguez.

Though I do not like to inject race into politics, it is something that is definitely still a factor especially in the heavily Hispanic CD23. While Mr. Hurd is a nice person, he has no chance of winning CD23, a district specifically drawn for a Hispanic representative. It is heavily Hispanic and leans about four points to the right of center, a perfect match for Quico Canseco, our only chance for a victory in November. Though the San Antonio Express News endorsed Will Hurd in the primary, the liberal media will turn around and endorse Ciro Rodriguez in November because they know that Quico Canseco is our only chance to reclaim the 23rd for conservatives. Mr. Canseco will build an economy that is based on the dignity of labor, something that Congressman Rodriguez has deprived our recovering economy of. While we respect Mr. Hurd's CIA service, Mr. Canseco has had a more diverse experience in issues such as: job creation for the private sector, inproving upon our education system as he has respresented local school boards, and his experiences with healthcare as he has represented various hospitals and understands their needs from the inside. There is no doubt in my mind that Quico Canseco is the best qualified to represent us in Washington as they try to cram down their liberal version of America's future. Mr. Canseco will also be solidly on the side of the CIA and fight for America over those would bould blame-America-first and seek to crimiliaze those who sacrifice so much for our freedoms, something that our current administration does not understand.

Again, the 23rd Congressional District is a Hispanic district; there is no getting around this! The majority of voters in the district are Hispanic, and the bonds of our shared heritage are very strong. I know many Republican Hispanics who always vote Republican, but will not vote against an incumbent Hispanic, even if they are a Democrat. This was the case in 2008, when Lyle Larson was defeated by Congressman Rodriguez. Lyle Larson was a Bexar County Commissioner and had enough name recognition to be competitive, but since he was not Hispanic, many Hispanics were weary of him and held their nose to vote for a Hispanic Democrat who did not agree with us on many issues! I would hate to see a repeat of this in November 2010. We do not need to send back to Washington another one of Nancy Pelosi's minions just because we selected the wrong Primary candidate who has no chance of winning in November. While Will Hurd is a good guy, this is not his fight. Thankfully, Quico Canseco not only has the work experience needed to bring jobs and prosperity to CD23, but he also has the surname that many Hispanics are looking for. Hispanics are a proud people, and considering that only about 4 percent of elected officials are Hispanic nationwide, it is a real task for us to vote against an incumbent Hispanic, even though we are natural conservatives who are just waiting for the Republican Party to accept us and our values with open arms.

So in conclusion, if you want another two years of Congressman Ciro Rodriguez, Will Hurd will be your man in the April 13th Republican Run-off . . . but if you want a Republican to reclaim the CD23 seat, bring much needed jobs to our community, welcome more Hispanics into the Republican Party of Texas' fold, and send Washington's destructive liberal policies packing, vote for Francisco "Quico" Canseco!


Why not simply support your present Hispanic Democrat Congressman since the Democrat party is the one that plays group and racial politics?

Because he's a socialist, you moron.

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