Why Obama won his election and can win again in 2012

I have now been in 57 states and I think one left to go…
Barack Obama
During his campaign

Why Obama won his election and can win again in 2012. You may truly believe that Obama is not re-electable, but I disagree. As conservatives we must continue to be ever vigilant of how the Socialists/Extremists/Democrats work. Yesterday at the Nursing Home, where my 97 year old father resides, a ‘volunteer’ claiming that she was from the city of San Antonio came by to visit him in his room. She told my partially deaf father that he needed to sign a voter registration card so he could vote. Luckily my sister was present to witness the situation. My sister asked who she was and who she was promoting. She refused to give her name and promised that she was not promoting Obama. My sister proceeded to tell her that my father had dementia and therefore not able to vote. The volunteer explained that the nursing home had given her permission to roam the hall ways soliciting signatures for her voter registration cards. She also commented that she was canvassing all the independent and assisted living residents as well. Residents live in these homes because they are not able to care for themselves, they may be home bound, physically unable to get around or have a debilitating illness. Many of the elderly have dementia or are forgetful and some may suffer from Alzheimer’s. We must protect them from predators who seek them out only for their vote.

Because as conservatives we would never even think of doing such a thing, the Socialists/Extremists/Democrats have no problem in recruiting anyone in order to win. I strongly suggest that if you have a parent, grandparent or family member living in these homes that you alert their caregivers and tell them of this most intrusive and vile method of getting votes. Obama wants to be our president in 2012 and is using any and all occasions to campaign. Remember Socialists/Extremists/Democrats prey on the ignorant and vulnerable.

I have to remind myself that this is why the Conservatives in Action were conceived…to inform the electorate. Below is the YouTube video explaining ‘How Obama got Elected’. It’s time for a reminder because the MSM has not miraculously improved in the last two years. If I have to evaluate the MSM I would say the media is even more biased today and reveal only the facts or half truths they want us to know. Let’s stay focused on the election of 2012.


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