Will Liberal Bill White Explain His Appalling Stance on Military Voting Tonight?

The following came in from the Republican Party of Texas:

The Texas Democratic Party limps into its convention today, weighed down by the arrest and indictment of one Texas Democrat, another reporting to prison, their gubernatorial nominee buffeted by relevations of his questionable business practices while he was mayor of Houston, and carrying a liberal record that proves he is out of touch with Texas values.

"Bill White will take the stage tonight and lay out a vision that is completely at odds with what everyday Texans want from their government," said Republican Party of Texas spokesman Bryan Preston. "Sure, he'll try again to fool Texans into thinking he's a moderate, but Bill White's Democrats support Obamacare and send out emails to fight the Texas lawsuit against Obamacare - a lawsuit that most Texans support because we oppose government run health care. Bill White's Democrats oppose voter ID, while 70% of Texans support it. And Bill White himself has fought to limit military voting rights in Texas, a history that most Texans just cannot see themselves voting to support. So if you're Bill White's Democrats, it's 'no' to military voting but 'yes' to insecure elections? That just won't fly."

Bill White's appalling history on limiting military voting in Texas goes back to 1997, when he supported lawsuits to overturn a couple of local elections that hinged on absentee military votes. The lawsuits were aimed at throwing those valid votes out, so that the Democratic candidates would win. As chairman of the Texas Democratic Party, White later supported legislation that would have placed legal restrictions on military voting rights. And in 1997, he penned an op-ed that contained the following quote.

"Military voters have every right to vote where their children are enrolled in school. Military personnel should be allowed to cast ballots in local elections that determine city or county taxes, police and fire protection, etc."

When questioned about his record on military voting in May 2010, White referred back to that 1997 quote to argue that he "strongly supports" the military. But if the 1997 statement that he still supports became law, thousands of military voters who call Texas home wherever they might be serving their country would find themselves disenfranchised.

Adds military veteran and state Rep. Van Taylor (R-Plano): “As a Marine, I served overseas and understand the hardship faced by our men and women in the military when trying to exercise their constitutional right to vote, yet Bill White wants to make it harder if not impossible for those who are serving their country abroad to have a voice in who represents them at home. Bill White should quit working to suppress the votes of our men and women in uniform and begin defending the rights of those who defend his freedoms.”

Will Bill White answer for his actions when he addresses the Democrats' convention tonight?


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