Will Sharron Angle Be Able to Boot Harry Reid Out of Washington?

Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle has one of the most important races this upcoming November. If she is to win this election, we can all happily say good-bye to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid! Currently, the polls are showing an extremely close race. Last week Sharron Angle was up by one point, this week Harry Reid's up by 0.8 points.

Sharron Angle recently told Bill O'Reilly:

"In Nevada we have 14.3% unemployment, and the highest foreclosure rate in the nation. This is because of policies Harry Reid has promoted in the last 18 months - Obamacare, stimulus, and bailouts. I'm a small government, lower taxes, conservative Republican. There's a lack of confidence in government and Harry Reid can give us no confidence.

Good luck Sharron Angle! Win this election not only for Nevada, but for America!


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