Does it really matter who won?

Regardless of who is declared the winner in the current debt ceiling debacle, the loser will be Obama for a simple reason, Obama owns the economy and the economy sucks. No matter how the mainstream media handicaps this, the reality is that Obamanomics has failed. If unemployment is still high in 2012 and the economy is sputtering, it will be hard for Obama to win. While many are remembering 1995, the first lesson that many forgot about 1995 was that the American economy was booming and we were on our way onto full employment.

In 1995, Republicans attempted shutdown of the government, which lost the GOP the PR war, but they won the long term battle since Clinton cut capital taxes, balanced the budget, and reformed welfare. Of course, Clinton also had real moderate Democrats surrounding him and Dick Morris advising him. The moderates and Morris regained their power when Hillary care flopped in Clinton’s first two years and the attempt of the left to transform America failed; costing the Democrats Congress in 1994.

In 2008, the Democratic congress never shared in the blame for the financial meltdown even though key Democrats played a key role in the policy leading to the meltdown. Obama found it easy in 2008 to blame Bush for the economy, and he continued to do so after he was elected.

After trillions of dollars of stimulus money, trillions of dollars of additional debt, the economy recovery has been the weakest on record and now is threatening to turn into a second recession; Obama can’t escape his failures. The Republican congress will not get the blame in the end for Obama’s failures.

That doesn’t mean that Republicans can’t snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, but in 2012, it will not be John Boehner who will be the face of the Republicans, but whoever is the Republican nominee. Who the Republicans nominate will go a long way in determining if Republicans win or the margin of victory. It will be not enough just to win but to win big to make sure that Congress stays a Republican majority, and Republicans capture the Senate.

If the recent debt ceiling showed anything, it shows that there will be no real retraction of government until Obama is defeated and the Democrats are defeated across the board. The recent absurdity has shown that there is a great divide between both Parties and there is very little common ground between the two.

If you want to reform entitlements, then the present leadership of the Democratic Party has to be defeated, if you want Obamacare repealed, then you have to defeat the present Democratic leadership. So the America voters will be given a choice, the path toward Greece or the path back to greatness. (Now how is that for a slogan.)



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