Tea Party Movement Emerging in Australia!

Australians fed up with big-government spending and over taxing has decided to ride the Tea Party wave! The Australian T.E.A. Party website states:

Do you feel that you have lost your voice?
Has government and entrenched elites become the master and not the servant?

Do you feel that many of these elites are in both major political parties?
Do you think that real choices that would actually work - making life better are never presented?
Do you feel that every day, government gets bigger and your burden of paying for it - grows heavier?
Are you searching for something to do about it?
The Tea Party Movement can help you do something about it!

The Tea Party in Australia also announced on its website that it is a "worldwide movement united for free markets, fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited small governments and individual freedom".

Congratulations Australia! It's great to have another country on board!



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We are actually the original Aussie Tea Party. :) But the fact the cause is now taking off is terrific, obviously. :)

Gary Walker

G'day Gary 
Good to see you posting overseas. But ...we were around a considerable time before you (officially at least).  I'm sure you checked the name registration. Glad to have your company but just feel it helps all our credibility for you to be accurate.It really doesn't matter practically who was what  and to be quite honest i feel your blog is considerably better than ours!Gives us something to aim for,  competition is good!  ;-)      If we all try to be the best - that will be sensational!    Hope we have many more!Will appreciate your help when we start targeting preselections.    We'll all need as much help as possible!
David Goodridge
National Director
Australian Tea Partywww.austeaparty.com.au

I see Australia has a tea party.  How do I join please?


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