Yo Soy El Futuro! - I am the future!

I am the future!

Well, not necessarily me personally, but people like me certainly are.

The future of the Republican Party lies in the hands of my generation and of my ethnicity.

The primary objective of a political party is to elect candidates who will enact legislation that we believe is best for all Americans. In order to do that, we need to win elections. In order to win elections, we need a majority of Americans to vote for our candidates. And if present trends continue, we will need people like me to achieve these majorities.

It is a fact that the fastest growing segment of the US population is Americans of Latino decent, and most of our growth comes from births—not immigration. If we conservatives really want to take our country back, we're going to need the help of a naturally conservative part of the electorate: Latinos.

Now if you don't think we Latinos are conservatives, then you have bought into the liberal lies! They'd love for everyone to believe we Latinos are something that we are not. Just imagine how quickly they could destroy our country if we voted for Democrats in the way that the Black community does. Look at just about any poll and you will see that Latinos are more conservative on social issues than any other race. And if you know anything about us, you'd know that we are hardworking entrepreneurs!

Don't let the little lawn ornament stereotype—you know, the man in a sombrero taking a siesta—fool you! The only reason he's napping is because he's been awake and working since 5 AM! That is the type of people we are. For example, my grandpa is in his 70s and still works 12 hour days as a welder after working everyday since he was 12! I guess retirement just wasn't something he was ready to do, since he obviously is still in good health, but he's working so hard that they have taken away some of his retirement benefits! That is the work ethic Latinos bring to this country.

Now if you're afraid that we are taking jobs away from other Americans, you are once again mistaken. Latinos and the Republican Party can have a very mutually beneficial relationship if only both sides got over their taboos and got to know each other better. The GOP wants to lower taxes and let us as individuals work hard. Latinos are entrepreneurs who want to work hard and make a better living for our families. That was the case with my family. My grandpa came to this country as a migrant worker and forced his four sons to work the fields as well. They later went on to work in construction, but they weren't content. My dad and his brothers worked hard to save up money and start their own businesses. I'm proud to say that today my family not only still works in construction, but also owns a construction company and a real estate company, employing countless of our fellow Texans in various parts of the state!

As I said before, Latinos are the fastest growing segment of our population and nowhere is that more evident than right here in Texas! It is awesome that the GOP can win big in Texas with only 35 percent of the Latino vote, but imagine what we could accomplish with 45 percent or maybe even 50 percent! As demographics continue to change in Texas, this is a reality that we'll all have to live with. The Republican Party has the right message—a message that will resonate with Latinos: lower taxes, pro-family, pro-life, and pro-business!

Our only problem has been hesitancy. We are shooting ourselves in the foot, and I'm talking about Latinos and the GOP. Republicans need to stop being afraid and realize that we Latinos are more friends than we are enemies. ¡No tengan miedo! We don't bite!

Likewise, by sticking to our taboos, we Latinos are shooting ourselves in the foot. Just look at areas that have consistently voted for Democrats for over a decade. Do they ever see any improvements? No! We've had a bad tendency of voting for people who stifle our ingenuity and vote against our values. We Latinos are looking for an alternative, and with a good outreach program, the Republican Party can definitely provide us that replacement.

Just think of the gains we Republicans can make with 50 percent of the Latino vote! If we could break 50 percent, the Democratic Party would be virtually extinct. In order to make this dream a reality, the Republican Party needs to reach out to people like me—young people and minorities who want the dignity of labor, who love this country, and who want to ensure that the US remains the world's last great hope.

To borrow a political slogan that always leaves a bad taste in my mouth: ¡Sí se puede! Yes, we can win the Latino vote, and yes, conservatives will take our country back!


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