Young Boy Brings Toy Gun to School, Suspended for 2 years

It all started a year ago, when then 7-yr-old Samuel Bargos was playing with a toy gun with friends and put it in his back-pack. He then accidentally left the toy gun in his back-pack when he left for school a few days later. A teacher found the toy gun and young Samuel was suspended for two years.

NBC Miami reports:

The school board said they would admit Samuel into a correctional school for problem children who have been expelled located in Hallandale Beach.
The parents refused and believe their son has already paid for his mistake enough. Samuel has since been home-schooled, but his parents want him back in public school.
"I can't sit here and allow them to send my kid to a school where students have committed actual crimes," Burgos said. "He hasn't committed a crime."

With all the stress and confusion, Samuel Bargos has fallen back emotionally and will most likely have to repeat the second grade.

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That is an air soft gun! Air soft guns down even hurt, and it looks like a toy for a reason. It has a orange tip, and it's semi-transparent, are you kidding me about the punishment! If I was a Lawyer I would do this case for free!!!! There has to be some room for DISCRETION! The crime does not fit the punishment!!! And people wonder why there is a rise in HOME SCHOOLING!!!

Great judgment call by the School Board!! Hey, While you at it, let's ban those Straws in the Lunchroom. Some one's Gonna loose an eye over one of those Spitballs. " IF IT FIRES A PROJECTILE IT'S A WEAPON!!" Oh yeah, let's not forget those deadly Rubberbands. We Should also go further and charge those kids that use these WEAPONS Assault With a Deadly Weapon. Well, Maybe not Deadly, That would be a judgment call!!
YOU DUMB ASSES!!!  This is a prime example of what happens you Educate People beyond their ability to understand. This is one of the times the School Board listen very carefully for the POP SOUND. OH, by the the way, that's the sound your makes when you pull it out of your ASS.

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