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An armed burglar in the northeastern corner of Texas picked the wrong grandma’s to rob. The 74-year-old grandmother grabbed a gun and likely saved her own life while chasing the armed intruder.
For the third time in less than a week, a Houston area homeowner has shot a burglar.
Members of the Texas Farm Bureau (TFB) announced their support for Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head up the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the Trump Administration.
A baby girl was found in a storm drain after she was ejected from a rollover car crash Friday night. She survived the incident with a small scratch.
HOUSTON, Texas – Leaders of the nation’s largest red state reached out quickly to congratulate President-Elect Donald J. Trump for his resounding victory.
The Texas Legislature may be looking into ways of providing paper backups to electronic voting machines after claims of machine errors in the 2016 election cycle.
FBI investigators from across the country have been following leads into reports of bribery involving the Clinton Foundation. Multiple field offices have been involved in the investigation.
A Houston Emergency Center (HEC) 911 operator appeared in a Harris County courtroom Monday to answer for charges that she intentionally disconnected callers seeking emergency services.
A Fort Worth, Texas, man was arrested over the weekend for allegedly breaking into the State Capitol in Austin to deface a Civil War-era portrait.
An employee of a jewelry store in Conroe, Texas, pulled an AK-47 from behind the counter to stop four would-be armed robbers. One of the armed robbers opened fire and multiple employees returned fire, killing the suspect....
A central Texas police officer is lucky to be alive after he was shot in the back in what was described as a New Year’s Day ambush-style attack. The officer’s life was saved by his ballistic vest.
A professor of finance at the University of Houston’s Victoria Campus pleaded guilty in federal court to illegally transferring money from synthetic marijuana sales out of the country.
For the first time, front-line Houston police officers are being issued ballistic vests capable of protecting them from rounds fired from high-velocity rifles.
The San Antonio Police Department has arrested the man they believe is responsible for the execution-style murder of Detective Benjamin Marconi Sunday morning.
An exclusive report obtained by Breitbart Texas reveals that nearly 1,800 police officers have lost their lives in the line of duty over the past 10 years. That number includes the deaths of 160 K-9 officers.
A South Plains jewelry store has decided to extend its “Shotgun Wedding Sale” due to an overwhelming response to the campaign that drew national attention last week.
Early voting for the 2016 presidential election began in Texas on Monday. In addition to the state’s 38 electoral votes for President of the United States, state and county officials are vying for your votes.
Blue Bell Creameries is expanding its previously announced recall of its ice cream products containing chocolate chip cookie dough because of possible contamination by the Listeria monocytogenesbacteria.
A St. Louis County police officer was shot and killed in the pre-dawn hours of Thursday morning shortly after arriving at a reported domestic disturbance. The suspect was shot and remains in critical condition.
A Houston man with a Texas License to Carry (LTC) stopped an armed robbery at a local auto parts store.



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