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The family of slain U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry may finally see some light at the end of the tunnel after Republican presidential presumptive nominee Donald Trump promised them some answers.
Republican presidential presumptive nominee Donald Trump released a list of eleven jurists he would consider appointing to the U.S. Supreme Court, including Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett.
A Houston area man shot and killed an armed robber who was attempting to hold him and his young child at gunpoint. The man used a concealed handgun to stop the robbery and protect his son.
An armed robber in South Dallas, Texas, was shot and killed by a store employee after he attempted to rob a store.
The recovery of the remains of a second Texas teen missing since 1997 was confirmed by medical examiners in the Houston area this week. Both missing girls are tied to convicted kidnapper and suspected serial-killer William...
Researchers at the University of Texas in Austin have developed an algae that could be effective in controlling the mosquito population. The anti-mosquito bio-weapon could be effective in reducing the spread of the Zika...
A Virginia State Police trooper has died from his wounds received in a shooting at a Greyhound Bus Terminal in Richmond. Troopers were reported to be participating in a training exercise at the bus terminal when the gunman...
A retired Pennsylvania state trooper was shot and killed by police after attempting to rob a toll plaza on a turnpike. The former trooper had killed one of the toll collectors and a security guard during the robbery.
A Maryland police officer was killed Sunday afternoon while responding to a call of shots fired at his police station. The shots were apparently designed to lure officers in for an ambush.
Texas is the crown jewel of the Super Tuesday Republican presidential primary in eleven states. 155 delegates are awarded through an elaborate process of statewide and congressional district allocations.
Police in Austin, Texas, responded to a report of a man with a knife near the University of Texas campus. At least one person was stabbed and a second person was injured with an undisclosed injury.
Over 1 million Texans are now licensed to carry a handgun. Harris County (Houston) leads the state with nearly 150,000 licensees.
A fired employee at a Houston area transportation showed up to his former workplace with a shotgun on Wednesday morning. The worker pulled out a shotgun and killed one person and injured another before turning the gun on...
Volunteers discovered the body they believe to be that of a teenage girl who had been missing for just over one month.
An Austin police SWAT officer was shot early Thursday morning while executing a search warrant. He was the second Texas police officer shot in the past twelve hours. The officer is in stable condition recovering from his...
The Office of the Texas Attorney General (OAG) is taking actions against local governments who are illegally or improperly posting signs prohibiting licensed Texans from carrying handguns.
On the same day the Secret Service announced that guns will not be allowed at the national GOP convention, the Republican Party of Texas announced the carrying of handguns at the state convention by licensed gun owners will...
A young Houston woman pulled a man loose from a burning car at great risk to her own health and safety.
A new report from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) reveals that troopers seized over $53 million in drugs and cash during calendar year 2015.
Two 19-year-old men have been charged in Dallas, Texas, with forcing a 15-year-old girl into prostitution against her will. The girl eventually escaped their captivity.



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