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Texas GOP Vote - Restore, Renew and Reunite

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Our mission is to restore, renew, and reunite the Texas GOP Vote.

Restore?  Renew?  Reunite?  But this is Texas politics, not the Republican National Committee!  Friends, right now we are sowing the seeds of our own defeat.  The signs are all around us.  We are losing our core conservative principles and we are not holding our own elected TX Republican politicians accountable when they fail to uphold those principles. 

The RNC is in full retreat, but it is not too late for our Texas GOP Vote from our Texas Congressional Delegation in Washington, D.C. and from the TX GOP Primary voters they represent.  We can still restore, renew and reunite!

Our core principles:

    Grow the Economy
    The true engine of job-creation is entrepreneurship and a legal and regulatory structure that encourages and rewards business ventures and success.

    Keep Taxes Low
    Raising taxes for American business owners is not the way to fix a flailing economy.
    Stop Big Government
    We must help our congressional delegation pull the reigns on Big Government by acting as a watchdog, exposing politicians and policies that aim to escape the bounds of the U.S. Constitution 
    Fix Immigration
    We need a secure border and a sensible solution to identify who is here and make sure they are properly taxed.

    Restore Families
    We must stand for policies and laws that restore and strengthen traditional families. 
    Reclaim Education
    We must build education on a strong foundation of fundamental skills, while emphasizing core values including strong work ethic, sound judgment, competitiveness and advancement through knowledge.

To be sure, this is not a complete list.  For example, we also believe that a strong national security to defend our freedom is an essential principle for all Republicans!  But our focus here is to reflect the sentiment of Texas GOP Primary district voters on the issues most important to them and to help inform our elected politicians and the Texas Congressional Delegation of this sentiment.

We believe our core principles have made Texas Republicans a clear majority party in TX.  The loss of these core principles and our unwillingness to hold our leaders accountable to them is sowing the seeds of a future defeat.  However - the hour is not too late for us to restore, renew and reunite...

That is the calling of the Texas GOP Vote!

at May 11, 2009 4:36 PM
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