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Adryana Boyne serves as the National Director of VOCES Action, a non-profit 501(c)4 organization which informs, educates and empowers Latinos with conservative values. VOCES Action also educates and helps non-Latinos in how to engage with Latinos. Boyne served as the Director of Development of True the Vote's Hispanic initiative: Voto Honesto for citizen-led effort to keep our elections free and fair.

Adryana graduated from Criswell College with a degree in Bible and received more education on Texas Government and History and American Government and History from Blinn. A public speaker since an early age, Adryana also has been professionally trained in media, politics and government and to implement sound principles through effective public policy by Merrie Spaeth at Spaeth Communications and The Leadership Institute. Currently she is also part of the faculty of The Leadership Institute at the International Leadership Training School and at their nationwide workshops: Issues that Unite Latinos and Conservatism.

Adryana was born and reared in Mexico but became an American citizen 20 years becoming a Republican right away. She has received multiple awards for her service to the community. Recently her commitment to the conservative cause making an international impact has made her recipient of the Global Leadership Award by the Leadership Institute. Highly recognized as one of the top Hispanic conservative voices in the English and Spanish media in the USA, Adryana is remarkably articulated and influential. She speaks and debates in local, statewide, national and international panels with different leaders including US Senators, Governors, Congressmen, presidential candidates. She frequently participates with her conservative point of view in television, radio and other media, standing strong against liberal federal and state elected officials and representatives of liberal organizations. Her appearances have been in CNN, FOX, ABC, Univision, Telemundo, CNN Español, Mundo FOX, etc. Among the subject that she advocates are: a free market economy, fair and free elections, photo Voter ID, the sanctity of life, low taxation, family values, religious freedom, fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility, rule of law, the Constitution, second Amendment rights, school choice, national sovereignty and limitations to government spending. Additionally, she opposes Obamacare, opposes amnesty and firmly believes in a common-sense immigration reform which secures our borders first and respects the rule of law.

Adryana has become one of the most recognized conservative voices for the Spanish speaking community in Texas, during the last four Texas Legislations. Adryana has been a frequents speaker with The Leadership Institute, The Heritage Foundation, Faith and Freedom Coalition, Freedom Works, True the Vote, Tea Parties, Republican groups, community and church groups around the nation. She is considered to be a skilled moderator for panel discussions. Adryana was a speaker at the Republican Party of Texas Convention in 2010 and was a Republican National Delegate at large in 2008 and 2012 and a state delegate in 2008, 2010 and 2012. She was honored in 2009 and 2010 by the RNC among the Top Hispanic Republicans Making Their Voices Heard. Adryana was also the Chairman of Hispanics for Huckabee during Gov. Huckabee’s Presidential race. As a political consultant for candidates for office, she has helped many conservatives’ campaign efforts. Adryana is a frequent guest speaker at women’s conferences and churches.

Adryana and her husband of 27 years, Dr. Daryl Boyne, reside in North Dallas, and they are members of Watermark Church. They served for fifteen years in ministry in Costa Rica, Mexico and the USA with Fellowship International Mission. They are the parents to two sons. Adryana recently ran as a Republican candidate for the seat of District 102 of the Texas House of Representatives. To learn more, you may visit

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