Republicans must come together to stand for policies that strengthen the core of society: The traditional family. Marriage must be protected. Life must be respected. Liberals suggest the policies we embrace are “divisive wedge issues,” but they could not be more wrong. Policies that strengthen the family are essential to a GOP that keeps its core conservative principles.
After passage of the initial Hurricane Harvey disaster supplemental appropriations bill, I released the following statement.
During my trip to Corpus Christi, Rockport, Austin, all around the state, these are the stories I heard in Houston, Beaumont, and other cities; all of them devastated. But in none of them was their spirit destroyed
As Hurricane Harvey swept through the southern part of our state, we have seen the images of the devastation and the destruction brought upon by this horrific storm.
President Trump urged onlookers at a Houston shelter to “have a good time” on Saturday — and appeared to take his own advice during a daylong Gulf Coast tour that blurred the line between bucking up a battered region and...
Sometimes it is so frustrating scrolling through all of the social media out there full of the latest unbelievable act of this politician or that branch of government.
According to the Texas Attorney General, the price gouging has included hotel prices quadrupling, fuel for as much as $10 per gallon, and cases of water being sold for $99.
Today, one doesn’t have to look far to see things which should be of concern to America, assuming they are looking and ‘care’.  People have too often given up, they no longer watch the news, read a newspaper, listen...
Many Houston residents have lost their homes or suffered flood damage as a result of Harvey. If you are a victim of the recent flooding in Harris County, resources are available to you. As always, should you need assistance...
Two and a half days after Hurricane Harvey made landfall and dropped more than 2 feet of rain, thousands of people in Houston and along the Gulf Coast have been displaced. Texas Gov.
As a volunteer rescuer from Texas City prepared to launch his boat on a Houston freeway, a reporter asked him what he was going to do. His answer revealed much about the attitude of being a Texan.
I released the following statement after supporting a measure to provide $7.85 billion in relief funding for those impacted by Hurricane Harvey:
A volunteer rescuer died on his way to help flood victims from Hurricane Harvey. His family said he was a recipient of President Barrack Obama’s Deferred Actions for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) amnesty program.
This Labor Day comes at a moment when Houston and the Gulf Coast will need more blue-collar tradesmen and women than ever before thanks to the devastation left by Hurricane Harvey over the last week.
Earlier this week I had a conference call with the Administration, FEMA, DHS, House Leadership, the Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee and the Houston-Galveston Congressional delegation.
I praised the Trump Administration’s response to Hurricane Harvey and pledged to help with federal recovery efforts earlier this week at a press conference in Austin:I think all of us have expressed our gratitude to the...
How does one go about Seeking Jesus?  This is a story that I feel must be shared because at one time or another, I believe, all Christians seek truth, seek Jesus.
The owners of the largest alligator adventure park in southeast Texas says that more than 350 of their alligators have escaped and are outside of the sanctuary because of Hurricane Harvey-related flooding. There are other...
Yesterday I joined Governor Greg Abbott, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Administrator Brock Long, and local officials for a briefing at the Texas Department of Public Safety office in Corpus Christi. Following...
Due to continuing rain and flooding in Houston, I regret that roadways are blocked and I will be unable to travel out of the city to join Gov. Abbott, Sen. Cornyn, and other state and local officials down in Corpus Christi...
Parts of Texas may become uninhabitable for weeks or months according to a Friday morning statement from the National Weather Service.



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