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Obama Hypocrisy

"We've Heard It All Before" Video Compares Obama's 2008 and 2012 Speeches

The Republican National Committee has released a video comparing Obama's speeches from 2008 and 2012. The similarities are uncanny! After four years, you would think his campaign could have at least attempted to come up with different ways to say the same things... See for yourself in the video below. The American people must not be duped again!   Read more »

at Sep 10, 2012 6:40 PM

Who is the real Romney?

The recent attack on Romney based on an incident that happened in high school leaves one to wonder how low will the Obama campaign and much of the mainstream media go to discredit Romney? We are to believe that Romney bullied a person who may have been gay (even though it is not confirmed that the person was gay or that the incidence actually happened since some of the eyewitness accounts have been shaky at best.) The media, still deep in Obama's pocket, pushes the story of Romney,

at May 14, 2012 4:12 PM

Shouldn't Paul Begala say this about Obama: Once a Drug Head Girl Pusher, Always a Drug Head Girl Pusher??

I recently came across an article on The Daily Beast “Paul Begala on Romney: Once a Bully, Always a Bully”.

In the article, Paul starts out by saying that “It is a good general principle that we ought not hold teenage wrongdoing against middle-aged people.”

Paul then goes straight into saying it is okay to hold this 40 year old teenage incident against Romney Why? Because as an adult, Romney was a “bully” when he “cut” education as a governor and because his company laid people off.   Read more »

at May 12, 2012 12:37 PM

Is being Pro-Choice Racist?

Most recently, I had a left wing writer in a series of exchanges accuse me of race-baiting, writing racist materials and pandering to racists. The reason? I wrote a piece making the case that Romney, even as a member of the 1%, was closer to many Americans than our President. As the Wall Street Journal James Taranto noted, “The truth is that Romney and Obama are both products of distinctively American subcultures--respectively, the Mormon Church and the academic left.   Read more »

at May 4, 2012 5:37 PM

The Hypocrisy of President Barack Hussein Obama Part 2 - Egyptian vs Iranian Protests

A few days ago, I wrote Part 1 of this story detailing the hypocrisy of President Barack Hussein Obama in relation to his ignoring American protesters while promising to hear the protesters of Egypt. He even gave them hope of support telling them they would see their dreams come true.   Read more »

at Feb 5, 2011 10:49 AM

The Hypocrisy of President Barack Hussein Obama - Egyptian vs American Protests

Hundreds of thousands of protesters in Egypt take to the streets demanding change from what they perceive to be an unresponsive government. United States President, Barack Hussein Obama is so moved that he calls the President of Egypt urging Mr. Mubarak to step down from his office, perhaps immediately.

He then steps to his powerful presidential podium and speaks to the protesters in Egypt saying President Hosni Mubarak must begin a transition immediately toward a new government, and assured protesters "we hear your voices".   Read more »

at Feb 2, 2011 2:42 PM
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