Time to Bring Austin Tice Home

Obama Administration officials believe captured journalist Austin Tice is alive in Syria.

Recently I met with the parents of Austin Tice, a constituent of mine in Texas who has unfortunately been abducted in Syria a few years ago. And of course his parents have been keeping a flame alive, hoping that Austin has survived the circumstances of his capture.”

Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act Passes House


The Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation (WIIN) Act passed the House 360-61.

American ports are the backbone of our economy, with ninety-nine percent of our overseas cargo moving through our ports and more than seventy-six thousand jobs in the 27th District of Texas alone directly impacted by port activity. That’s why I authored language in the WIIN Act designed to improve our nation’s infrastructure.

Given Our Current Global Commitments and Tremendous Challenges Facing the New Administration, It Is Imperative to Equip Our Commanders for the Tough Task Ahead


The 2017 National Defense Authorization Act is a major step toward improving readiness and enhancing the ability of our servicemen and women to defend our nation. The NDAA is not a perfect piece of legislation; inevitably bills of its size and scope fail to address every concern and often interfere in issues unrelated to a bill’s core mission.

The Day of Infamy Has Become A Day for Remembrance, Reflection, and Above All, Gratitude


Yesterday I delivered a speech on the floor of the U.S. Senate commemorating the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and heralding the arrival of a new administration that embraces our allies and demonstrates renewed resolve to assume once more the mantle of leadership:

On this Pearl Harbor Day we should learn the lessons of the past, and seize new opportunities for America in Asia and beyond.

What Happens When You Use “White People” as a Pejorative


Nothing, of course.

Today, my old buddy Ian Millhiser was at it again.

Immigrants and Patriotism


Donald Trump’s campaign has certainly galvanized feelings of nationalism and patriotism.  John Fonte and John O’Sullivan even wrote that Trump’s election victory represent a “return of American nationalism.”  It’s no coincidence then that he spoke about immigration as much as he did.  There is a common belief that immigrants and th

Obama Trumped Again: Trump Bringing 50,000 More Manufacturing Jobs


In yet another stroke of ordinary for Trump, he outflanks Obama. Before the man has moved in a picture of Melania and the kids, Trump continues to make presidential moves.

I predicted that President-elect Trump would continue to make these type of moves, until inauguration day. And with each announcement, Obama’s stock drops faster than a dehydrated Hillary Clinton.

Senate Republicans Introduce Resolution Calling on Smithsonian to Honor Justice Clarence Thomas


Tuesday I introduced a resolution, along with five Senate Republicans, recognizing the historical importance of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and calling on the National Museum of African American History and Culture to properly honor his life and work.

Houston Cops Gifted Protective Vests for Rifle Rounds


For the first time, front-line Houston police officers are being issued ballistic vests capable of protecting them from rounds fired from high-velocity rifles.

Cornyn Encourages Senate to Support Mental Health Reforms, R&D Investment in Cures Legislation

Last night, this Chamber voted to move the 21st Century Cures bill forward with an incredible vote of 85 senators voting in favor. It passed the House overwhelmingly last week, and I look forward to getting it through the Chamber and to the President's desk as soon as possible.


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