The Truth About Partial Birth Abortion

Never once did we have to kill that child in order to save mom’s life. In other words, ending the pregnancy by delivering the baby is sufficient to save the mother. Killing the child does not improve maternal survival. To suggest otherwise is ridiculous and would be laughable if the outcome were not so gruesome.

Celebrating The Life Of Naomi Warren


You can learn a lot by studying the exemplary lives of those we lose. Naomi Warren's life story is worth a review. She passed away recently at the age of 96. The below are important facts that should be learned and absorbed from her obituary in the Houston Chronicle.

Homeland Security Needs To Digitize All Citizenship Applicants’ Fingerprints

As long as terrorists and criminals use 21st Century technology to do us harm, relying on 20th Century technology to stop them just won’t cut it.

Red Sonja Endorsements for November 8, 2016

No man is good enough to govern another man without that other’s consent. – Abraham Lincoln
Early Voting Starts October 24, 2016
President - Donald Trump (favor)
Vice President – Mike Pence
US Congressional District 21 - Lamar Smith
US Congressional District 35 - Susan Narvaiz 

Trump Might Not Accept Legitimacy of Election? The Horror!


I can’t find the remote, so I’m stuck listening to ABC News commentators who are fainting on air over Donald Trump’s refusal to commit to accepting the results of the election.

Since elections are the sacraments of the American religion, it is blasphemy of the highest order to call them into question. Why, everyone accepts the results and moves on, and that’s what makes our system so awesome!

Why aren’t CATHOLICS OUTRAGED over CLINTON’S Campaign WikiLeaks thrashing of Catholicism?

This diabolical duo will work ‘Stronger - Together’ to squash our Religious Liberty.  Our Religious Liberty will go by the wayside after she serves her first 4 years.  We all know that the Clinton campaign is working hard to ga

Legal Migration Can Control the Border

I recently wrote a piece about the increase in guest workers and the remarkably consistent level of entries, legal and illegal, of workers and new lawful permanent residents. The main choice the U.S. government faces is whether the migrants who come here are legal or unlawful.  Excluded from my previous blog were J-1 visas for researchers, au pairs, and the like. 

Announcing the Texas Veterans Initiative


Texas veterans are on the front lines of keeping our country safe, but too often our men and women in uniform are not given the care and benefits they deserve. As a part of his new Texas Veterans Initiative, I plan to introduce legislation to improve access to health care, incentivize law enforcement agencies to hire veterans, and enable veterans to save more for retirement.

The Only Birthday Planned Parenthood Cares About

One hundred years ago this month, eugenics advocate Margaret Sanger founded the organization today known as Planned Parenthood.

Texas 911 Operator in Court for Dumping Callers

A Houston Emergency Center (HEC) 911 operator appeared in a Harris County courtroom Monday to answer for charges that she intentionally disconnected callers seeking emergency services.


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