Bill Containing Language to Help the Port of Corpus Christi Heading to House Floor


I have authored language in a bipartisan bill, passed by the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Wednesday, that would provide the Coast Guard authority to reimburse the Port of Corpus Christi for the installation of aids to navigation (ATONs) performed on its behalf.

Memorial Day


This Monday, America honors its war dead. We call it Memorial Day. 

Many Americans do not realize that there are 25 United States cemeteries overseas for America’s war dead. The one in Luxembourg is one that I have visited and I find quite unique. 

States Should Have Their Own Economic Visa Programs for Immigrants

Nationwide one-size-fits-all migration laws aren’t working, so the federal government should let states try their hand at regulating economic visas.

President Trump said that he wants a merit-based immigration system that “nations around the world, like Canada, Australia, and many others have.”

I Have Seen The Enemy, And It Is Us


Insurance and other companies are clients where customers are king. Government is our master since it has long broken free of the constraints of constitutionally enumerated powers and actually abandoned its duty to protect life, liberty and property.

Sessions Statement on President Trump's Proposed Budget


I released the following statement in response to President Trump's 2018 budget proposal:

Sen. Cruz: While the Future Appears Bright, the U.S. Cannot Afford to Become Complacent in the Emerging Space Race


Tuesday I chaired the second of a series of planned hearings to explore the reopening of the American frontier in space. Tuesday's hearing titled ‘Reopening the American Frontier: Exploring How the Outer Space Treaty Will Impact American Commerce and Settlement in Space,' examined the U.S.

Cornyn Announces New Legislation to Fight Human Trafficking in the United States

I'm happy to announce that soon I'll be introducing legislation that reauthorizes several critical provisions to help fight human trafficking and bring us one step closer to ridding our country of this heinous crime. The Abolish Human Trafficking Act is, chiefly, a bill about getting human trafficking victims the help they need by focusing on ways to support them as they rebuild their lives.

The Lunatics of By Any Means Necessary


I just got done watching a video put together by an Internet personality known as Sargon of Akkad. It goes into the background of the major people behind the violent left-wing organization By Any Means Necessary.

I think you should watch it. Thanks to Bob Wenzel at for posting it.

Trump, Manchester and the Counterterrorism Road Ahead


President Trump kicked off his international diplomacy efforts over the weekend with a trip to Saudi Arabia that began the first global reset of American diplomatic efforts we’ve had this century.

Rep. Poe on H.R. 1039, The "Probation Officer Protection Act"


On this legislation, I think it is important that individuals understand probation officers. I worked at the courthouse in Houston, Texas, as a prosecutor and then as a criminal court judge for 22 years.

I had probation officers report to me. That was our system. I knew a lot of probation officers, Federal and State. I think our society does not understand how important their job is.


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