Where Texas Became Texas


It all started in a small town nestled between the Barrington Farm and the Jordan Creek along the banks of the Brazos River – that’s where the early seeds of the Lone Star State were planted. Read more »

Happy Texas Independence Day


One hundred and seventy-nine years ago, fifty-nine delegates met in Independence Hall at Washington-on-the-Brazos to risk everything to make freedom a reality for generations of Texans to come.

While the delegates met, brave Texians fought to the death at the Alamo to secure liberty for our fledgling Republic. And ever since the victory at San Jacinto, Texans have been forever free. Read more »

Study Indicates Woodlands Parkway Extension Will Have Negative Impact

Bunch Calls For Removal From Montgomery County Road Bonds Proposal.


The residents of Montgomery County have a unique opportunity to come together to pass the first road bond in 10 years. We are sadly a decade behind in infrastructure development and our needs are great in every corner of the county, including The Woodlands where traffic congestion grows every day. Read more »

In Commemoration of Texas Independence Day


On this day in 1836, a band of settlers from across Texas took charge of their own destiny and declared their solemn right to live in liberty, free from tyranny. The valiant sacrifices of the Texians at the Alamo and elsewhere delivered freedom to the settlers of our young Republic, sowing the seeds of independence that so powerfully characterizes our state today. Read more »

Points System And The Projects


MORE low income housing for the Cy-Fair/Bear Creek area, you say? Yes, it's true. Hard to believe? Well believe it! Read more »

FAITH and FAMILY DAY at the Texas Capitol - February 24, 2015

It is our responsibility to see that Texas continues its conservative Texas Values.


Jonathan Saenz asked all of the elected officials attending Faith and Family Day to participate in a cake cutting, celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the passage of the Texas Constitutional Amendment codifying that marriage is the union of one man and one woman and prohibiting same-sex marriages. Read more »

Net Nonsense

The overarching principle is that THE PROVIDERS and CONSUMERS decide...



Competition is GOOD. Period. Government regulation stifles competition. Period. Ergo most government regulation is NOT GOOD. Read more »

Stars, Bars, Heroes and History

How do you solve a problem like the old Confederacy? For conservatives, about 50% of what those who took up arms 154 years ago against the President of the United States is in direct conflict with the most basic principles of freedom. Read more »

Higher Education Chairman Optimistic About Campus Construction Funding

State funding for college campus construction projects has been described by many around Texas as “long overdue.” Leaders in the Legislature have agreed on the fundamentals in recent years but have been unable to come to a consensus on the details of a solution. Read more »


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