Family of Slain Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry: Trump’s ‘Going to Give Us Answers’

The family of slain U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry may finally see some light at the end of the tunnel after Republican presidential presumptive nominee Donald Trump promised them some answers. Read more »

Living in a World of Make Believe

The VA is not the ‘‘Happiest Place on Earth.’’ It is not Disneyland, and our veterans are not living in a world of make-believe. Secretary McDonald should be ashamed of himself for belittling our veterans. Dying in line waiting for medical services is not the same as waiting for Mickey Mouse at Disneyland. Read more »

IRS Hiring Additional Agents, Providing Additional Resources for Misclassification Enforcement


The recent announcement by the IRS Commissioner that the agency is moving forward with hiring hundreds of additional agents has sparked a debate about exactly how those new resources should be utilized. Some leaders in the construction industry have told Construction Citizen that if the government has more people on hand to enforce the law, proper classification of workers should be a priority. Read more »

A Closer Look at National Security Threats


Recently I joined House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul and other Members of Congress on an overseas delegation to examine the spread of Islamic terror and other threats to the United States and its allies. The trip enabled us to assess the counter-ISIS campaign being conducted in Iraq and Syria and the emerging terrorist safe havens across North Africa, as well as examine the threat posed by foreign fighters, returnees, and homegrown radicals to the region and other parts of the world.

Egypt Read more »

ISIS Murders Christian Girl


ISIS terrorists came to the house of a Christian family in Iraq to collect the religious tax imposed on all non-Muslims. ISIS told the mother of the home: You have two choices. You are to leave now or you are to pay the tax.

The mother pled: I will pay, but give me a few seconds because my daughter is in the shower. But the ISIS terrorists did not wait. Read more »

Convention Delegates' Duty To Republicans And America


Let me try to get to the essential point at the top, so everyone who will can do what is necessary. If you want more detail, you should read all of this, which I can shrink no more. A lot of terms are now used in a lot of ways. Donald Trump’s supporters call people like me “establishment” because I’m very opposed to Trump. Read more »

2016 Republican Party Primary Runoff Election Results


Click here to watch the results come in as Texas Republican Primary Runoff voters head to the polls Tuesday, May 24th. There will be some hotly contested races all the way from the district level to the state and national level. Which candidates are you rooting for? Read more »

Stabbing Near UT Campus Leaves Two Injured


Police in Austin, Texas, responded to a report of a man with a knife near the University of Texas campus. At least one person was stabbed and a second person was injured with an undisclosed injury. Read more »

America's Leadership In Space

It has been an exciting few months for space enthusiasts everywhere. Read more »

Trump Vs Clinton


We are seeing an even race between Trump and Clinton.  At this time in 2008, McCain and Obama were within .7 percent of each other according to the Real Clear Politics; similar to where we are today in which Trump is .2 up on Clinton.  Every election has its own pace and what happens in 2008 may not be repeated over the next few months. Read more »


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