Media Ignores Cruz's Iowa Victory


In an unexpected Iowa victory, Ted Cruz won with 27.7% of the vote. Certainly the Cruz Campaign never gave up hope that Cruz would come in at #1. Donald Trump had been the expected #1 winner but failed to bring out enough of his supporters to caucus for him. Marco Rubio came in #3 and Ben Carson even with the more than anticipated votes he received still lagged behind at #4 with single digit at 9.3%. Read more »

Pete Sessions Responds to the President’s FY 2017 Budget

Today I issued the following statement in response to the President’s Fiscal Year 2017 budget plan: Read more »

The Justice For Victims Of Trafficking Act—Changing The Landscape For Human Trafficking Victims


Brooke was a victim of human trafficking and child pornography at the age of 7. The nanny was selling Brooke on the marketplace of sex slavery in the United States. A small child sold for sex in the United States is shameful. Brooke was scared, feeling alone, and didn’t tell anyone about her plight. No one spoke about sex trafficking then. Read more »

Touring the U.S. Border


On Friday, I was on the U.S./Mexico border at McAllen with several other Members of Congress. The visit confirmed my belief that Border Security is not one of the Obama Administration’s priorities. With Homeland Security Secretary Jay Johnson’s recent directive to move assets out of Texas, the situation is bound to get worse. Read more »

Bongs, Fruitcakes Energize Central Texas House Race

Bongs, abortion and illegal immigration are just three of the issues surfacing in one of the hottest Texas House races, which is playing out as a case study of how the far-right faction of the state Republican party seeks to oust members it deems too moderate. Read more »

The Presidential Race in Iowa and Beyond


While a few Republicans are still buzzing about the Cruz campaign's dirty trick dealing with Ben Carson, the real scandal may be the stealing of an election; or should I say another Hillary scandal. When discussing this on facebook, one Democratic member of our extended family quipped, does this really matter? Read more »

What’s Happening in BEN CARSON’S Camp?


Only Ben Carson knows the truth about his earth-shaking controversy. It seems that Ben Carson first blamed CNN for his 4th place standing in the Iowa Caucuses on February 1. On February 3, 2016 at 11:07am an email was sent out to Republicans on his behalf demanding accountability. He was NOT blaming Ted Cruz, he was blaming CNN, and in fact, he signed the letter as you can see below.

Carson has made it clear that his wife, Candy, spoke at two Iowa caucuses where lies about him dropping out were being told by a Cruz Captain. This happened on February 1 after 7:00pm. Read more »

Establishment Insensitivity, The Real RINOs, And Cruz's Real Compassionate Conservatism


I don’t like to use these terms because they are unclearly and differently used and understood. But I hope to clarify them. Though I will discuss them in separate parts, I have thrown three considerations under one title because they are essential considerations in the current Republican presidential nominating process. Read more »

Lt. Governor Patrick Launches Initiative To Enhance Classroom To Career Transition

HOUSTON – Today, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick announced a major workforce development initiative that bridges the gap between the classroom and the interview room. Read more »

President Obama’s Proposed Tax is an Assault on American Energy and American Families

President Obama’s proposed tax on oil is an egregious tax hike on American families and an attack on American energy.


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