IN DEPTH: Open Carry Bill Passes Initial Vote in Texas House after 5 Hr Debate


Following more than five hours of debate which was interrupted for several points of order discussions and fights over parliamentary procedure, Read more »

Congressman Ted Poe's April Update


This Wednesday was Tax Day. Yet another reminder of how year after year, Americans see more and more of their money go to the Federal Government. This week, Congress passed important legislation to lessen the burden on American taxpayers and ensure that Americans can keep more of what they rightfully earned. Read more »

Media Bias Matters!


If you want to know the real story about America, you might want try reading the British newspaper. How many Americans will read in their daily newspaper that Hillary's tour of the little people were staged events? Read more »

Space Exploration Must Be NASA’s Priority


 The Obama administration seems to have forgotten NASA’s priorities – and the main one is space exploration.  Read more »

HB 4 passes the House and is now in the Education Committee in the Senate


We need to stop the intrusion of the government into the family unit. Call the Senate Education Committee Members to tell them to kill this bill. Read more »

The Sanctuary Cities bill handicaps law enforcement!


I urge you to vote NO on SB 185. Police chiefs and sheriffs across Texas have invested many hours traveling to Austin to oppose this bill for this and two previous sessions. They believe it will encourage abusive profiling and will hurt, not help, law enforcement in the Hispanic neighborhoods.

SB 185 creates unfunded mandates that will clearly cost local municipalities! Read more »

Rebuttal of Sen. Sessions’ Anti-Legal-Immigration Op-ed

"Any honest discussion of immigration must acknowledge that our immigration system is more complex and restricted than virtually any other sector of the economy."

Senator Jeff Sessions’ (R-AL) Washington Post op-ed calls “for an honest discussion on immigration.” He then lays out his case against legal immigration. Read more »

Hillary's Game Plan


Hillary Clinton will be a disaster for America if elected, but this article is not to pan Hillary since I will have plenty of time for that. Instead, Hillary's much ridiculed video was actually a pretty good introduction for any candidate including Hillary. Read more »

Americans Deserve a Simpler, Fairer Tax System


Today is tax day, a day that many Americans have come to fear and loathe. As the current administration has drastically increased spending, many on the left have demanded more and more taxes to pay for this excessive spending. Read more »

Christians should vote no on SB 1819

This morning, I sent individually addressed emails (copy below) to every Texas Senator and their Chief of Staff. I copied Governor Abbott, and Lt. Gov. Patrick. Please talk to every Republican Senator you know. Adoption of SB 1819 would send a terrible message to Hispanic Voters, and is simply bad public policy!

This is a copy of my letter. Read more »


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