Texas Young Republican County Chair Candidates


Four members of the Texas Young Republican Federation (TYRF) are vying for the position of Republican Party County Chair in four counties throughout the state. “I am ecstatic that we have so many members of our organization stepping up, putting themselves out there and running for county chair,” says TYRF Chairman Brian Bodine.

New Cornyn Bill Addresses Sexual Abuse at Universities, Holds Leaders Accountable


I recently introduced the Accountability of Leaders in Education to Report Title IX Investigations (ALERT) Act, legislation to hold universities that receive federal funding accountable for sexual abuse cases that threaten the safety of their students.

Don’t Sabotage H-1Bs — Fix Them

To truly reform the visa program, legislation should do away with the lottery entirely by mandating that visas be issued to the 85,000 H-1B applicants who would be paid the most.

Protecting America from 'Whites'

We in America face a number of threats worth our time and attention in preventing.  Every day we see more threats in the news we’ve identified previously, and new ones too often that we wouldn’t have anticipated.

San Antonio’s Tercentennial Year – 1718


I rise today to congratulate the City of San Antonio and its residents on the 300th anniversary of the city’s founding. San Antonio has grown from a small farming community along the banks of the San Antonio River into the 7th largest city in the United States. 

Its rich history and vibrant culture is what makes it truly unique. The first flag to fly over Texas was the Spanish flag.

Open Borders -- The Enemies From the South

Venezuela is in deep trouble.  Their people are starving, there are riots in the streets, and people are being killed if they resist the communist movement.  We read articles about them and feel some remorse for the poor souls.  But in the long run, we move on to topics like, “What’s for dinner?”  It’s a shame, but then it’s another country, not ours afterall.  What have we to worry about?

The answer?  A lot!

Kari’s Law to Make Dialing 911 Easier from Multiline Phones Signed by President


I issued the following statement after the President signed Kari’s Law, a bill that amends the Communications Act of 1934 to require multiline telephone systems, common in hotels and offices, to have the ability to directly dial 911 without locating an outside line first:

Saudi Arabia to Relinquish Control of Belgium's Largest Mosque

I am encouraged by recent news that Saudi Arabia has decided to give up control of Belgium’s largest mosque that has long been suspected of radicalizing European Muslims. Although Saudi Arabia is a U.S ally in the fight against terrorism, it has pursued a persistent policy of funding institutions all across the world that have bred extremism and intolerance among Muslim communities far from its borders.

Who is the Real Culprit Behind Rising Property Taxes in Montgomery County?


There is much heated debate right now over skyrocketing property taxes in Texas and who is to blame. Who's the real culprit? Who's been fighting to cut your property taxes in Montgomery County?

The Threat to Texas - The Anchor State


I’ve often said that California leads our nation in trends (primarily because of Hollywood). They’ve had an impact on the entire world at times.  But Texas is also a strong influence on parts of our country.  It has even had an impact on Russia during the cold war in that Texas was seen as a serious threat to any invasion to the U.S.


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