$3 billion in college construction is approved by the Texas Senate


House and Senate negotiators in Austin are now trying to hammer out a final deal on the financing of $3 billion worth of construction projects at colleges and universities all over Texas. Read more »

Congressman Smith Invites Local Veterans to Join Telephone Discussion


I would like to invited veterans across the 21st congressional district to participate in a telephone town hall on Wednesday, June 3rd. Read more »

How To Restore Trust In Our Criminal Justice System

On a recent visit to Dallas, I met a man named James. James started experimenting with drugs in high school and became addicted to methamphetamine. He spent the next decade in and out of jail and was arrested nearly 35 times. Despite good intentions, every time he was released, he fell back into the same patterns. Read more »

Take Immigration Reform Past Talking Points


Fom Hillary Clinton’s Nevada speech in favor of immigration reform to Jeb Bush’s unwavering support for it, every presidential candidate in both parties is busy staking out a position on immigration.

The trouble is they’re using the same shopworn talking points they’ve always used. Rehashing the same arguments in front of a Congress that has repeatedly rejected them isn’t going to work. New reform ideas are needed. Read more »

Rep. Farenthold Meets with Local Officials, Residents of Bastrop


Tuesday morning, I visited the Emergency Operations Center in Bastrop. The EOC is coordinating response efforts after the devastating floods that have occurred in Central Texas. I was briefed by County Judge Paul Pate, Commissioner Willie Piña and various law enforcement, fire and other public safety officials on emergency operations. Read more »

New Military Opportunities for SpaceX Could Bring Jobs to Texas


The United States Air Force has cleared SpaceX to conduct military space launches. Previously, only United Launch Alliance (ULA) was certified to perform these types of space missions for the military. Read more »

Trade Promotion Authority Creates a Path for Prosperity

The American middle class is getting crushed by the Obama economy. Middle class incomes are stagnating, and the labor force participation rate has not been this low since the Carter Administration. Read more »

A Woman on the $20 Bill?


Miller High school student Andres “Andrew” Gonzales wrote to me as part of a class project about what it would take to get a woman’s picture on the $20 bill to replace Andrew Jackson. Since I was in town Friday, I decided to stop by his class and talk about it. Read more »

The Media's Slobbering Love Affair with the Clintons


In 1998, the then Time Correspondent Nina Burleigh stated that she would be glad to give President Bill Clinton a blow job for keeping abortion legal. Recently, the always non-biased Burleigh declared “Clinton Cash” Peter Schweizer a “right wing” hatchet man, but what would one expect of a female reporter who offered to do oral sex on Bill Clinton? Read more »

Texas Flood Disaster Information


We are saddened by the weekend's tragic storms and flooding that took lives and damaged or destroyed more than a thousand homes and businesses. I am meeting with local officials and surveying damaged areas, and my office stands ready to assist. Those in the areas affected remain in our thoughts and prayers in the coming days as communities continue recovery and cleanup efforts. Read more »


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