The Moral Dilemma of San Antonio


San Antonio with its rich historic Catholic roots and a population of over 1.4 million is presently embarking in electing its next mayor and city council on Saturday, May 9, with early voting until Tuesday, May 5. What contributes to San Antonio’s uniqueness is the friendly, relaxed atmosphere it portrays and its ever present Hispanic culture. Read more »

Donald Trump Makes a Big Splash in Texas


The Texas Patriots PAC's "Celebrating the American Dream: An Evening with Donald Trump and Mattress Mack" was quite a success as real estate tycoon, Donald Trump, highlighted his achievements and dreams for America, told in entertaining and motivating stories. The event was held at The Woodlands High School Thursday evening in front of a packed audience. Read more »

Kerrville Astronaut Shares Experiences in Space at U.S. Capitol


As House Science, Space, and Technology Committee Chairman, I hosted Apollo astronaut and Kerrville resident Gene Cernan today for a screening of The Last Man on the Moon, a documentary on Cernan’s life. Read more »

Congress Must Approve of Any Iran Deal


Today, there is no greater threat to U.S. national security than the prospect of a nuclear Iran. Led by theocratic zealots who have pledged to "annihilate Israel" and who regularly lead chants of "Death to America," an Iran with nuclear weapons poses an unacceptably high risk of murdering millions of Americans or millions of our allies.

For that reason, the top priority for the Senate should be to stop a bad Iran deal. Read more »

American Angels of Mercy in Syria


Last year, a National Geographic photographer captured 5,000 desperate people navigating their way through a sandstorm, and then eventually breaking through a barbed wire for safety through the border into Turkey. They were among the roughly 11 million Syrians who have now been displaced from their homes over the past 4 years. Read more »

Global Warming and the Science


Advice to my Republican friends: Follow the lead of Ted Cruz and simply tell any reporter or any Democrat in a debate, “Follow the Science.” Duke University recently published a study that shows that climate realist views are being proven correct.

The press release states that: Read more »

The Importance of I-69

Last week, the I-69 Alliance made a trip to Washington D.C. As the Chair of the I-69 Caucus, the goal of our bipartisan group is to educate Congress about the important role that I-69 has moving people and as a freight corridor. The caucus also advocates for projects relating to the roadway itself. I-69 spans several states including Texas, Louisiana Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, and Michigan all share a piece of highway. Read more »

Hillary: The Race Begins


The recent scandal involving the Clinton’s may be the final straw that could end Hillary’s quest for the White House. Read more »

The Global Christian Persecution Epidemic

This Easter, Pope Francis focused his message on the worldwide persecution of Christians. Around the world, Christians are being imprisoned, tortured, and killed for their faith. According to the Pew Research Center, no religious group is persecuted in more countries around the world than Christians. Christians faced persecution in 102 countries out of about 190-plus that we have in the world. That was in 2013. Read more »

Expanding Trade for a Stronger Economy

Last week, the House Ways and Means Committee, under the leadership of Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI), passed the Trade Priorities and Accountability Act (TPA). TPA empowers Congress to outline trade priorities for the President to adhere to during trade negotiations with other countries. Under TPA, Congress can also override the President’s authority with a disapproval vote and completely stop an agreement. Read more »


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