Women's History Month


It is an honor to be here to recognize the people who have influenced our lives. Of course, we are talking about the women who have influenced our lives to help us be what we turned out to be. I want to talk specifically about some Texas women whom I consider to be a rare breed. They are tenacious, strong-willed, nurturing, and also kind. Read more »

Brussels, ISIS and Battling Terror in Pop Culture


Tuesday’s ISIS attack in Brussels is a sad reminder that we’re fighting an enemy that resembles the Vietcong operating on a global scale more than any organized or guerrilla organization we’ve tackled before.

The past few years have shown us an Obama Doctrine that looks more in line with an academic discussion in the “Socratic Method” than the foreign policy that a world leader should be undertaking. Read more »

On To The Runoff-Simpson vs. Ramos


It's bound to happen. Your favorite candidate is forced into a runoff election. So now what? You do this: 

Read more »

Do Immigrant Workers Help the Economy?

Some want to complete the fence along the United States–Mexico border. Others cry for higher quotas of H-1B visas. The debate goes on and on. Regardless of the immigration politics and law at stake, I sought the answer to an economic question: Does the United States benefit from immigrant workers?

Trump by the Numbers


If we are going to nominate Trump, we might want to ask the question, “Can Trump win?” I have already crunched the numbers on what Trump will need to win. The biggest reason that many people have given their vote to Trump is that he is bringing in new voters, and this seems to be supported by the number of independents and Democrats crossing over to vote in GOP primaries. Read more »

North Korea and Iran: Dangerous bedfellows with one common enemy, the US


A satellite flying in space over the American Super Bowl, unprovoked missile launches, the test of a so-called hydrogen bomb and threats to destroy Manhattan. This is just a snapshot of what North Korea has been up to this year alone. Read more »

Cárdenas, Farenthold Protect American Companies From 'Patent Trolls'


Today, U.S. Reps. Tony Cárdenas (D-San Fernando Valley, Calif.) and Blake Farenthold (R-Corpus Christi, Texas) reintroduced the “Trade Protection Not Troll Protection Act,” a bill to protect American companies at the International Trade Commission (ITC) from abusive litigation at the hands of patent trolls. Read more »

Brussels Terrorist Attacks


Days after Belgian law enforcement captured alive ISIS terrorist Salah Abdeslam, one of the suspected ringleaders of the deadly Paris attacks, terrorists retaliated in Brussels by launching a series of explosions at the airport and train station. 34 civilians are dead and 170 are injured. Read more »

Retired PA Trooper Killed After Robbing Toll Road Plaza


A retired Pennsylvania state trooper was shot and killed by police after attempting to rob a toll plaza on a turnpike. The former trooper had killed one of the toll collectors and a security guard during the robbery. Read more »

Public Should Have Voice in Picking Next Supreme Court Justice


Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was a giant of American jurisprudence. His intellect, wit, and commitment to the rule of law inspired a generation of legal minds -- including me -- to follow the law as written and to uphold the Constitution for the health of our democracy. Scalia resuscitated our nation's constitutional principles during a crucial time. Read more »


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