Indiana Governor Mike Pence Illustrates American Liberty's Demise And Ted Cruz's Distinction


I like Mike Pence. He was a favorite of mine when he was in Congress, and I’ve said I could consider him as a presidential candidate. I still like him, but could consider him no more. Believe me, I understand the hurricane of pressure that came to him. I know it looked like a matter of social and political survival for him. I sorely regret that it’s come to that. Read more »

Committee Passes 11 Regulatory Relief Bills to Strengthen the Economy


As Chairman of the Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit Subcommittee, I have made regulatory relief for Main Street a top priority. The Dodd-Frank Act’s 400+ new regulations have hit our local community banks and credit unions particularly hard. Community banks and credit unions did not cause the financial crisis but Washington’s one-size-fits-all regulations are treating them like they did. Read more »

Thoughts on Climate Change, Foreign Policy, and More

Ted Cruz recently showed how to deal with climate change alarmists and extremists by simply arguing, “Follow the science.” Read more »

Parker's Pension Punt


The Mayor of Houston's downward spiral continues: her third and last term is fast becoming a train wreck.

The latest mistake is abandoning public pension reform that could be economically sustainable and fair to city employees while eliminating Austin from the discussion. Read more »

Poll: People sick of Obama’s policies

I always laugh when a poll tells us the obvious, and no surprise here, as a new CNN/ORC poll shows that most Americans, 57 percent, want the next president to undo “Change we can believe in,” and go back to the America that was.

And when you consider these polls, you must understand how they ask questions. Because the polls are misleading as the ACTUAL number of people who want the OLD America back is closer to 80 percent! Read more »

Kidnapped Texas Schoolgirl Strikes Back and Escapes Attacker

A sixteen-year-old female Katy Independent School District (ISD) student is safe after being kidnapped Monday morning while waiting for school bus. The young girl’s ordeal ended after about two hours when she managed to escape using some quick thinking and a kick to the face of her captor. Residents of the west Houston suburban community were shocked at hearing about the incident. Read more »

Congressman Culberson Bill Frees States From Obamacare


Last week, on the same week that the Administration celebrated the five-year anniversary of Obamacare, I introduced the Health Insurance Freedom Act (H.R. 1664), which would allow state insurance commissioners the option of offering insurance plans cancelled as a result of the failed health care law. Read more »

Be Careful What We Wish For, Hillary Troubled, But What's Behind Door #2?


The short answer is, we don't know. Hillary Clinton's newest scandal in the operation of her government position - a private email system. She tells us she turned over 50,000 important emails, out of how many? She claims she has turned over all relevant emails, but how do we know? Read more »

The Iran Nuclear Talks


Tomorrow is the deadline for the United States, Iran, and other nations to come to an agreement regarding the future of Iran’s nuclear activities. I have previously supported sanctions against Iran and I remain very concerned that an agreement would put the regime on a path to developing a nuclear weapon. We cannot let this happen. Earlier this month, I had the honor of attending Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address to Congress. Read more »

Congressman Pete Sessions Discusses Healthcare Meetings


Last week I welcomed the National Physicians Council for Healthcare Policy to my office in Washington to discuss their legislative priorities. The National Physicians Council for Healthcare Policy is made up of physicians from North Texas and across the country who work with Members of Congress to voice their concerns about current onerous regulations such as ObamaCare. Read more »


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