Terrorism Watch Update


Three Pakistani police officers were killed and several more were wounded today in a failed police operation on a Pakistani Taliban hideout in Peshawar. Read more »

Is Trump Building A New Conservatism?


If Sanders is waking up the nationalist socialists on the Democratic side, it is hard to say what Trump's long term goal for conservatism is or if he even has one. Trump has challenged the status quo and the Republican establishment. While the political left knows they are the defenders of the bureaucratic state. Read more »

Bill King Raises Big Question About Houston Mayor Annise Parker's So-Called Anti-Discrimination Ordinance


In the Houston Mayoral race in 2015 there are 7 serious candidates, 13 candidates in all, and an estimated $7 million to be spent. A major factor in this race will be the bathroom ordinance, or as it is otherwise called by its proponents, the "HERO" ordinance, which lets men into women's bathrooms. Read more »

Congressman Ted Poe Statement on the Murder of Darren Goforth

Harris County Sheriff's Deputy Darren Goforth was executed because he wore the uniform of a Texas peace officer. May justice be swift and harsh for his killer. As a former prosecutor and Judge I have tried cases where peace officers were murdered. I have also tried cases where peace officers were charged with killing citizens. Read more »

Bernie: The Rise of Democratic National Socialism


This election is seeing an evolution of what it means to be a liberal or if there is just a thing as a liberal. Read more »

Control Over Education is Most Important States' Rights Issue Facing Country Today


On Friday, I visited my alma mater, Incarnate Word Academy, and spoke with students in AP government. They had great questions, including one I've never been asked before, “what do you think is the most important states' rights issue today?” I had to pause for a second and think about it. Is it the definition of marriage, the ability of states to enforce border security and immigration laws, legalization of marijuana, or something else? Read more »

Sheriff Addresses #BlackLivesMatter ‘Rhetoric’ in Press Conference on Executed Deputy


The escalation of anti-white and anti-cop rhetoric has been building since militant black activists began marching in support of #BlackLivesMatter after the suicide of Sandra Bland. Read more »

ESPN Shows Ignorance


There is political correctness and then there is simply stupidity. ESPN'a most recent suspension of Curt Schilling is an example of stupidity and the stupidity is on the part of ESPN. Read more »

Reining in Big Government with the REINS Act was One of the Topics at the Portland Chamber Lunch


My Field Reprehensive Luis Buentello and I enjoyed catching up with folks at the Portland Chamber lunch. In my keynote, I talked about issues like the REINS act, the need for a long term highway bill and why the Iran deal is bad for America. Read more »

Meet Heidi Cruz


The South Texas Grassroots Volunteers, which includes Bexar County, were treated to a visit by Heidi Nelson Cruz, wife of presidential candidate Ted Cruz. A room filled with over 200 supporters welcomed her at the Bexar County Republican headquarters on Tuesday night, August 25, 2015. Read more »


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