Donald Trump* ...*Consider the Alternative

Donald Trump happens to be the Republican Party’s nominee. PERIOD! I will not try to defend his totally inexcusable language or defend his indefensible past.  Nor will I pretend that he is without fault.  At one time I was a voter not willing to vote for such a man.  But listening to Hillary Clinton in the last debate sold me on Trump. Trump’s knowledge on Prolife may be imprecise but Hillary knows and stands firm on abortion.  She is d

Why Trump’s Immigration Position Is Hurting Him


The issue of immigration handed Donald Trump the Republican nomination. His style of communication, emphasis on the issue, and seemingly simple solutions courted, converted, or imported a core group of GOP voters to support his candidacy. Many expected Trump to moderate his immigration stance after winning the nomination, but Trump doubled-downon his anti-legal immigration position at a recent speech in Phoenix.

Cornyn & Bush: Help Veterans Transition to Law Enforcement

Law enforcement and veterans’ service organizations in San Antonio have made great strides toward this goal, and it’s time to replicate their success across Texas and the nation.

School Choice Rally at Holy Cross HS with Lt. Gov Dan Patrick and Daniel Garza


A School Choice Rally was held at Holy Cross Catholic High School in San Antonio, Texas on Tuesday October 18, 2016. The main speakers were Daniel Garza, Executive Director of the Libre Initiative, who sponsored the event, and Texas Lt Governor Dan Patrick, who gave the keynote address. The moderator, Allan Parker of the Justice Foundation, emphasized that the rally was an educational rally and not a political rally.

Wayne Christian for Texas Raildroad Commissioner

Wayne Christian has had a challenging campaign for Rail Road Commissioner. He made the May 24 Run-Off and beat out Houston real estate tycoon Gary Gates in a tight race. Gates outspent Christian 10 to 1 on promoting his campaigning, so Christian won a well-deserved battle. Christian will face Democrat Grady Yarbrough in the General election in November.

Texas Federation of Republican Women backs disclosure of contributors to politically active nonprofits

TFRW supports robust disclosure: “Knowing who is giving money to try to influence elections is the only way to ensure transparency and allow voters to make fully informed choices.”

One of the largest conservative grassroots groups in the state, the Texas Federation of Republican Women, has now come out in favor of the disclosure of contributors to politically active nonprofits. And the move by the group won immediate praise from a Texas House leader who has made it a mission to drag the finances of certain groups into the light.

Texans Head to Polls as Early Voting Begins


Early voting for the 2016 presidential election began in Texas on Monday. In addition to the state’s 38 electoral votes for President of the United States, state and county officials are vying for your votes.

Welcoming the Army Aviation Association of America to Corpus Christi


Last week, I welcomed members of the Army Aviation Association of America to Corpus Christi for the 12th Luther Jones Army Aviation Summit. The Corpus Christi Army Depot (CCAD) plays an integral role in Army aviation and the forum highlighted CCAD to supporters of Army aviation from around the nation.

To Challenge, or Not to Challenge? That is the Question


In any legislative body, there will always be diversity, bringing together the collective experience and perspective of its members.  There have been several times when one of my colleagues has shed new light on a topic being considered by the court, which can strengthen the body, as well as its decisions.  

The Truth About Partial Birth Abortion

Never once did we have to kill that child in order to save mom’s life. In other words, ending the pregnancy by delivering the baby is sufficient to save the mother. Killing the child does not improve maternal survival. To suggest otherwise is ridiculous and would be laughable if the outcome were not so gruesome.


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