Committee Approves Bipartisan Nuclear Energy Bill


Washington, D.C. – The Committee on Science, Space, and Technology today approved the Nuclear Energy Innovation Capabilities Act (H.R. 4084), a bipartisan bill to support federal research and development (R&D) and stimulate private investment in advanced nuclear reactor technologies in the United States. Read more »

See How Popular Hillary Clinton REALLY Is


Hillary Clinton is not popular. Look at this graphic and you can see how Hillary’s hype is manipulated by the media.

Remember when she began her “listening tour,” and stopped at a restaurant. Nobody knew her or cared. I quipped at the time that Kim Kardashian could beat Hillary Clinton, if Kardashian ran. Read more »

Texas Governor’s Mansion Shines Blue in Support of Law Enforcement

Texas Governor Greg Abbott turned the Governor’s Mansion blue on Saturday night, but not the way Democrats had hoped in 2014. The Texas governor flooded his official residence with blue floodlights in support of law enforcement officers across the Lone Star State. Read more »

The fruitcake factor: Collin Street Bakery’s workers become Texas House campaign issue

“To say you’re opposed to illegal immigration as a candidate and then to employ illegal immigrant workers in your business is political hypocrisy and business dishonesty.”

To say you’re opposed to illegal immigration as a candidate and then to employ illegal immigrant workers in your business is political hypocrisy and business dishonesty Read more »

Sessions Supports Measure to Protect Victims Involved in Class Action Lawsuits

Last week I voted in favor of a measure that would protect victims involved in class action litigation by ensuring that all members of a proposed class seeking monetary relief after suffering an injury have the same level and scope of injury, rather than allowing the courts to continue to allow classes to be certified even when all members of the class do not share the same injury type or scope. Read more »

Looking Back at 2015...


With the holidays behind us and the second session of the 114th Congress in full swing, the New Year is a good chance to look back at the legislative accomplishments from last year. Too often, the media covers the bickering in Washington, and there is plenty of that. But below the radar, there has been plenty of good accomplished. Here are a few highlights of my work in 2015. Read more »

Texas DPS Trooper Surrenders on Perjury Charge in Sandra Bland Death

A Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) trooper has surrendered to authorities on the single misdemeanor charge of perjury related to the arrest and subsequent in-custody suicide of Sandra Bland. Read more »

Regulatory Abuse Must be Stopped


The Obama administration has buried American families with burdensome regulations, costing each U.S. household roughly $15,000 per year. In addition to these appalling costs, numerous regulations have been worked out in secret – exemplifying President Obama’s failed promise for increased transparency – giving those impacted too little time to adapt and comply. Such regulatory abuse is a disservice to the American public and must be stopped. Read more »

Houston Terror Arrest


I issued the following statement on the arrest of Omar Faraj Saeed Al Hardan. Al Hardan came to the United States as a refugee from Iraq and has been living in Houston while allegedly providing support to ISIS.

Terror has come to Houston. Thankfully law enforcement caught Al Hardan before it was too late. We may not always be that lucky. This case proves that the FBI director was right---we cannot properly vet refugees. Read more »

North Korea poses direct threat to US


As Chairman of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Tactical Air and Land Forces, I issued the below statement following claims by the government of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea that it has successfully detonated a thermonuclear device. Read more »


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