Rick Perry Beats Ted Cruz in New 2018 Senate Primary Poll


Former Texas Governor Rick Perry beats U.S. Senator Ted Cruz in a hypothetical 2018 GOP senate primary poll published Thursday. The poll shows Gov. Perry with a 9 point lead over the incumbent freshman senator.

People Are Posting Their 'First 7 Jobs' On Social Media; Here's Why That's A Security Risk


Over the weekend, the hashtag #FirstSevenJobs started trending with some of the biggest names throwing their hats into the ring:

For example, the "Governator:"

Ice cream salesman (age 10, at the lake)
Glass factory custodian
Hardware sales
Tank driver
Personal trainer

Abortion Victims: Human Commodities in Texas


Just over a year ago the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) began to release a series of undercover videos chronicling Planned Parenthood’s alarming practice of selling body parts of aborted victims– livers, kidneys, eyeballs, brains, and more – for research. Not only are members of the public shocked by what we saw, so are pro-life state political leaders. They have begun to respond, and this article gives a summary of what has been done and what we can expect.

My Educational Adventure into the School Choice Debate

Sometime in April, I was contacted by Josh Kaib from the Franklin Center.  I have to commend Josh in his persistence in trying to reach me. When we finally connected, I was thankful and honored that he offered me an all-expense paid scholarship to attend an Amplify School Choice Conference in Denver, Colorado from August 10 –12, and for the opportunity to learn more about school choice.  There were over 50 activists from all over

Breaking Ground on the New Harbor Bridge


Last week, I attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge. The Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge is an icon for those of us who grew up with it and the new Harbor Bridge will be an icon for our children and grandchildren. It will be the largest of its kind in North America and its bottom will be higher than the top of the current bridge.

Sonja Heldt Harris and her Natural Habitat


For the past several years Sonja Heldt Harris has been photographing the changing seasons in Texas from droughts to floods which she witnesses from her ranch in the Texas Hill Country. She is a native Texan from San Antonio now living in the hill country enjoying all the amenities that come with rural living.

George Soros: Direct Ties to Clinton Mafia Family


Hillary Clinton is a puppet for big money interests. The more money you give her, the more influence you have over her. George Soros may very well be the overlord to the Clinton Mafia family.

It’s no wonder not long ago it was reported that Soros has donated an estimated $25 million to the Clinton campaign, ergo the Clinton Mafia family.

A Post-Trump Path on Immigration


More than any other issue, Donald Trump’s stance on immigration will have the biggest impact on post-2016 national politics. His opposition to immigration is his signature and most consistent opinion during the entire campaign. Trump’s rise was fueled by nativism — from his early statements on Mexican rapists to his first position paper to his current campaign.

With Trump Poll Numbers In Decline, Are Down Ballot Races In Texas In Danger?


Maybe to be forearmed, you need to be forewarned. Trump's decline in the last two weeks, if not reversed, could impact other GOP races.

Our concern here is over turnout. If it looks like the race is over and Trump will lose, it could discourage base voters or that traditional GOP voters are switching sides for President and then not bothering to vote down ballot. Either is a big potential problem.

Sen. Cruz Assails President Obama's Transfer of Guantanamo Bay Detainees


President Obama decided to transfer 15 Guantanamo Bay (GTMO) detainees to the United Arab Emirates. I am calling on the President to work with Congress to strengthen detainee policy and better protect the American people.


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