Bobby Jindal's NY Times Article And Thoughts On Religious Liberty


In this New York Times article by Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, he's on the side of religious liberty, and already I hear mockers on the left saying he just supports discrimination. This is exactly the same as governors who blocked schoolhouse doors to blacks in the 60s and is only posturing for right-wing primary voters. Read more »

Is America a Police State? Here’s the Evidence


John Whitehead is an attorney and author who has written, debated and practiced widely in the area of constitutional law and human rights. He established the Rutherford Institute back in 1982 and still serves as President and spokesman. Read more »

From Jonathan Saenz to the Gay Communist Stripper - A Testimony of Freedom

Last Wednesday, I was at the Texas Capitol working on some bills and getting ready for our Young Republican reception that evening. Unfortunately, I never made it to the reception. As I was going around to various committees and watching bills I dropped by State Affairs. I register for a lot of bills there because they get many dealing with abortion and end of life issues. Read more »

Fighting against the Administration’s onerous regulations


During my last District Work Period, I sat down with members of the Dallas Builders Association to discuss important issues facing the North Texas building community. During our conversation they relayed their frustrations and concerns over the President’s new EPA regulations that he issued through yet another executive order. Read more »

Faith in Our Founders – The Greatest Nation on Earth


The most common fearmongering tactic used by opponents is to claim an Article V convention could become a “runaway convention” and rewrite the Constitution. All one has to do is read and study Article V to understand this is utterly false. Read more »

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Obama Is Now Largest International Arms Dealer Since WWII


Nobel Peace Prize Winner President Barack Obama has become the largest international arms dealer since the end of WWII, according research done is a report by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). With more than $160 billion in arms sales during his first five years as President, Obama has outpaced the former leader in this category, President Richard M. Nixon. Read more »

Suicide Drones


While Iran pretends to want peace, it continues to prepares for war. While the administration was negotiating a deal regarding Iran's nuclear weapons, Iran was developing new war technology. Read more »

The Lones Star Weekly


Texas has been a national leader for prison reform, finding ways to partner with faith-based and community organizations to help prisoners change their lives instead of becoming career criminals. Read more »

Public Support for Immigration Increasing


The last time Congress seriously tried to restrict legal immigration was in 1996 - and that effort failed despite the then popularity of such a measure. Such a bill in today’s political environment with substantially less support for restricting legal immigration will be dead upon arrival. Read more »

More Than $3 Billion in College Campus Construction Closer to Reality in Texas


After sailing to approval in the Texas House, a package of bonds worth about $3.1 billion in college campus construction might have a more uncertain future in the Texas Senate. The bill approved earlier this month in the House drew only a few “no” votes, mainly from lawmakers aligned with some groups that claim to be fiscally conservative. They argue it’s not the right time for the state to take on debt for this purpose  Read more »


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