Cornyn Honors Juneteenth

This Juneteenth, we celebrate 152 years since long-awaited freedom finally came for so many in the State of Texas.

We celebrate the anniversary of June 19, 1865 when U.S. Major General Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston, Texas to deliver the news that would change lives and alter the course of history: the Civil War had ended and those enslaved were now free.

Requiem for a Lost City....San Antonio

Overheard at a San Antonio restaurant, “We’re visiting my daughter who lives here and I find it to be such a lovely city, so very conservative.”  On June 10, 2017 with some hope still remaining, the last remnants of a ‘conservative’ city died and became the ‘progressive’ city.   

It’s been a long time coming: a ‘progressive’ San Antonio. Henry Cisneros was elected mayor in 1981 at the age of 33 winning by a landslide.  Electing Cisnero

Moving forward, not back: The U.S.- Cuba relationship


In the coming weeks, President Trump is expected to announce the White House’s intentions to roll back our nation’s policies on Cuba. The details of what changes will be made are not known, but the potential economic impact could be significant: a $6.6 billion hit.

ICYMI: Sen. Cruz and Sen. Cornyn Op-Ed in The Dallas Morning News: It's Time to Modernize NAFTA and Texas Knows How


John Cornyn and I authored the following op-ed in the Dallas Morning News on what they would like to see in an updated North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) based on the Texas model.

Sen. Cruz: ‘Texas Stands With Taiwan’



Yesterday I issued the following statement regarding Panama’s announcement earlier this week to sever diplomatic relations with Taiwan:

Cornyn, Blumenthal Bill to Protect Children from Online Predators Passes Senate


The Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Program helps thousands of law enforcement agencies nationwide with effective response strategies to support victims and help prevent future abuse. 

Let’s Put an End to One-Sided Science

Science plays a critical role in the lives of all Americans. Every day, people around the world devote their lives to science and strive to advance our understanding of such complex subjects as human health and the environment.

Senator Bettencourt Attempts to Improve TIRZ and Management Districts' Transparency


What the State of Texas needs is more un-elected bureaucrats and more management districts able to pass bonds stealthily and meet without notifying the public. Said no one ever. I can't remember the last time I met a tax payer who was eager to open their wallet to pay more in taxes. Or a tax payer who thought it was a good idea for taxing authorities to veil their activities from the public.

Trump’s Extended Executive Order


Regardless of the constitutionality of the President’s executive order, the potential for abuse should be obvious to all. Arbitrary visa bans for uncertain periods are no way for the government of a developed nation to run its immigration system.       

The Right CHOICE: Repealing Dodd-Frank


In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, Democrats promised that passage of the Dodd-Frank Act would reinvigorate a sluggish economy, protect consumers, and end bailouts, but it accomplished just the opposite.


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