China’s Strategy To Accrue Global Power

It is important that Americans know who the Chinese are, what they are up to, and what their plans are in the future. We will start with North Korea 

No question about it: China could rein in North Korea and little Kim if China wanted to. They don’t want to.

That is why he is a menace to not only that region, but to the rest of the world. But China could rein in little Kim.

Sessions Votes to Keep the Government Open and Fund CHIP


I released the following statement in response to the passage of a continuing resolution to fund the government through February 16, 2018:
Short term funding solutions cripple our military and create uncertainty in all areas of government. However, unlike the Democrats, I am not willing to shut down our government and further imperil our nation’s men and women in uniform while there remains the possibility of a long term funding deal.

Fifty-One Percent is a Majority


My friend, Sammy Mahon, from Baytown, Texas, drives a jet-black Peterbilt tractor all over America, and he asked this logical question: Why does it take 60 votes for the Senate to make a decision? He said: Well, the rule—I can’t really say what he said; I’ll just use the word ‘‘nutty.’’ 

Why have this rule? We all learned in elementary school that 51 percent is a majority.

Poe Co-Sponsors Bipartisan Legislation to Expand Job Training for Veterans

Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty (CT-05), ranking member of the House Veterans Affairs Disability Assistance and Memorial Affairs Committee, and I introduced the Job TOOLS for Veterans Act, bipartisan legislation to expand access to job training resources for veterans of all eras and their spouses. 

Smith: “Today We Celebrate and Protect Life”

Congressman Votes to Protect Abortion Survivors

Today I voted in support of the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act which passed in the House by a vote of 241-183.

Today we celebrate and protect life. While thousands march across Washington today to recognize the dignity of human life, here in the House of Representatives we voted on critical legislation for children.

Foster: End Trump Administration Attack on Legal Immigration


It was understood with the surprise election of Donald Trump that enforcement action against immigrants would increase, striking fear within our large undocumented population, the vast majority of whom have lived and worked peacefully in the United States for decades. After all, President Trump commenced his campaign by calling for a wall along the Mexican border and asserting that Mexican emigrants were rapists and murderers.

Construction Groups and Other Business Leaders Encourage Voting in Texas Primaries


Construction associations are among the business groups this year encouraging employers and their employees to get out the vote in the Texas primary elections. They and others are stressing that in Texas, the vast majority of the state-level races are actually decided by voters in the March primary while the November elections are often just an afterthought.

Brady Briefing: The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is Creating a New Era of American Prosperity

Despite what the pundits and many naysayers in the media and Congress said, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is doing exactly what we promised. 

Cornyn Op-Ed: Senate Must Pass FISA Section 702 to Protect Americans

I authored the following Op-Ed on highlighting the critical need to pass the FISA Amendments Reauthorization Act when the Senate votes later today:

Senate must pass FISA Section 702 to protect Americans
Sen. John Cornyn

Haitian Guest Workers Overstayed Their Visas Because the Government Cancelled the Program for Them

The Trump Administration recently ordered the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to stop issuing H-2A visas for temporary agricultural work to Haitians.  One of the reasons given for not allowing Haitians to use the visas was their high overstay rate of about 40 percent 


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