Sen. Cruz: We Must Deliver on Our Promise to Repeal Obamacare and Lower Healthcare Costs


I released the following statement regarding the Better Care Reconciliation Act, introduced yesterday by the U.S. Senate:

Part Three: Forming an Alliance with the Minority Entrepreneur


Connie Evans solutions to grow businesses include, “Investors, policymakers, and entrepreneurship organizations must also find ways to develop and fund vocational training for students and adults that assists with business start-up and continuing education credentialing, licensure, and degrees. New sustainable systems must be created to provide support and mentoring to Main Street businesses.

Unauthorized Spying On Americans And 702 Reauthorization


Once again, Americans' privacy is under attack, this time by the spying eyes of our own U.S. Government. And people across the U.S. are wondering what is this section 702 issue.

Well, section 702 is a provision of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. We call it FISA.

Anger in Mosul as Islamic State destroys historic mosque


Cornyn Statement on Senate GOP Health Care Reform Plan


I released the following statement after Senate Republicans released a discussion draft of legislation to replace the failed Affordable Care Act (ACA):

After years of debate, hearings, and stories from folks harmed by Obamacare, today is a critical step towards delivering on our promise to provide the relief Texans so desperately need.

Part Two: The Rise of Minority Entrepreneurs


While many minorities have retreated from being members of the investor class, they are becoming business owners or self-employed. Kauffman Foundation recorded in their 2017 surveys that 24% of new entrepreneurs were Hispanic, 9% were blacks and 7.5% Asians and slightly over 40% of new business formation were started by minorities.

Don’t Disrupt a Play; It Only Makes You Look Ridiculous

By now you’ve heard about the two incidents in which a rendition of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar in New York was disrupted by Donald Trump supporters who objected to the assassination scene with a Trump-like Caesar.

The protesters who stormed the stage screamed that liberal hate promotes violence.

The whole thing is cringe-inducing.

It should embarrass someone to act like a leftist.

The Best and Worst Legislators 2017


The Decline of the Investor Class and the Rise of the Entrepreneur

Part One: The Decline of the Investor Class


For the GOP and conservatives to make more inroads among minorities, we need to pivot out of the debate as it is currently framed by the Democrats and communicate directly to minorities who are entrepreneurs or members of the investor class.

A Win For Red Snapper Fishermen


Recreational red snapper fishing is important to the economy of Gulf Coast towns and the many people who enjoy fishing. Earlier this year, the recreational red snapper fishing season was limited to a mere three days, prompting several of my colleagues and me, including Whip Steve Scalise, to enter negotiations with the Department of Commerce to open the federal season for more days.


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