Empower Texans Makes Inaccurate Claims about TAL . . . Again


In a recent article on their website, Empower Texans claims that Texas Alliance for Life opposed a bill to ban the most common method of second trimester abortion, Senate Bill 415, claiming that we “sided with pro-abortion groups in opposing the legislation.”

That claim is false.

British police identify attacker who killed three in London rampage

Cornyn: Democrats Searching for Excuses to Oppose Gorsuch


On the third day of Judge Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation hearing, I on the Senate Floor highlighted the support Judge Gorsuch has received from both sides of the aisle and the shifting reasons Democrats have offered to oppose his nomination. Excerpts of my remarks are below, and video of my remarks can be found here.

Every American, Every Day is Impacted By Port Activities

Whether it is the food we eat, the cars we drive, the light bulbs we use to light our homes, or the clothing we wear, every American household is impacted every single day by the activity of our ports. This activity accounts for over a quarter of our economy, generating trillions of dollars and bringing in over $300 billion in tax revenue each year.

Immigration Myths - Crime and the Number of Illegal Immigrants


Last week Cato published a new immigration research and policy brief called “Criminal Immigrants: Their Numbers, Demographics, and Countries of Origin” that estimates the illegal immigrant incarceration rate—a subject long avoided in academic and policy research circles due to data limitations. 

Is Harvard Calling Me “Fake News”?


How about this:

Harvard University has released a guide to so-called fake news. That guide links to a lengthy list of offending websites, which includes TomWoods.com.

Now granted, next to my entry is the word “Unknown,” which means they haven’t yet investigated my work to see if it truly qualifies. I made the list, they say, because some people have classified my site that way.

Well, that sounds fair!

Westminster attack - latest updates

Congressman Poe Introduces Veterans Back to Work Act of 2017


On March 20th, I introduced H.R. 1600 the Veterans Back to Work Act of 2017. This legislation would make the veterans tax credit permanent and make it easier for employers to take advantage of it.

Officials: US expects next North Korean missile launch soon



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