Obama Trumped Again: Trump Bringing 50,000 More Manufacturing Jobs


In yet another stroke of ordinary for Trump, he outflanks Obama. Before the man has moved in a picture of Melania and the kids, Trump continues to make presidential moves.

I predicted that President-elect Trump would continue to make these type of moves, until inauguration day. And with each announcement, Obama’s stock drops faster than a dehydrated Hillary Clinton.

Senate Republicans Introduce Resolution Calling on Smithsonian to Honor Justice Clarence Thomas


Tuesday I introduced a resolution, along with five Senate Republicans, recognizing the historical importance of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and calling on the National Museum of African American History and Culture to properly honor his life and work.

Houston Cops Gifted Protective Vests for Rifle Rounds


For the first time, front-line Houston police officers are being issued ballistic vests capable of protecting them from rounds fired from high-velocity rifles.

Cornyn Encourages Senate to Support Mental Health Reforms, R&D Investment in Cures Legislation

Last night, this Chamber voted to move the 21st Century Cures bill forward with an incredible vote of 85 senators voting in favor. It passed the House overwhelmingly last week, and I look forward to getting it through the Chamber and to the President's desk as soon as possible.

Pentagon buries evidence of $125 billion in bureaucratic waste


United States Green Beret James ‘‘Jimmy’’ Moriarty


On Friday, November 4, 2016, a military base in Jafr, Jordan was attacked. A hail of gunfire suddenly rang out while three American soldiers were returning to base. The reason for the shots fired is still publically unknown. Three Green Berets from the 5th Special Forces Group were killed in support of Operation Inherent Resolve.

Improving Our Nation's Ports


I sent a letter to President-elect Donald Trump today to encourage making America great again by improving the nation’s infrastructure by building roads, and widening and deepening our nation’s ports.

I have fought to improve the nation’s ports, and pushed for the Corpus Christi Ship Channel project (CIP). In my letter to the President-elect, I detailed the importance of the CIP as a major economic engine.

Millennials Aren’t All Hopeless


All the news about young Bernie Sanders supporters can get demoralizing.

But there’s good news, too.

What gave me the idea for today’s post was this: once a week Melbourne Beach here in Florida is my office. I take my computer and my hotspot and work.

Nobody is ever here. It’s weird. If this were Massachusetts, we’d be all over this place. Maybe year-round beach access bores people after a while?

Trump to nominate Carson as HUD secretary


Best of Luck to Texas 02’s Football Teams at State Semi Finals


Sweet tea, BBQ, and football – these are just some of the things Texans love dearly. From high school football to college football, Texans will come out to every game no matter what the temperature and weather is. Our commitment to our football teams is so strong that preachers will find a way to mention the local team in their sermons and make sure you get home just in time to watch the game with friends and family.


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