Bonnie Scott - Peace Corps Victim

Targeted, bullied, and terrorized, these are the words that Bonnie Scott used to describe her dismissal from the Peace Corps. One month after reported allegations that another U.S. Peace Corps member had harassed and sexually assaulted two local women, Scott was dismissed—interesting. Read more »

Coastal Bend to Washington (CB2DC) Trip


Last week, I hosted the annual visit to the nation’s Capital of a group of Corpus Christi area Chambers of Commerce members and community leaders. This trip ensures that local issues of concern are brought to the attention of leaders in both the House and Senate. Read more »

An Article V Constitutional Convention? Wrong Idea, Wrong Time

The Constitution Is Not Negotiable


Democrats’ attacks on the First Amendment continue with a gaggle of 17 attorneys general from 15 states, the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands who call themselves “AGs United for Clean Power.” Read more »

The Vietnam War: Still Opposing The New Left At Home

I disagreed with President Lyndon Baines Johnson on many issues, but I respected him for his efforts to prevent a Communist takeover of South Vietnam.

Congressman Poe on the Email Privacy Act

The Electronic Communications Privacy Act was passed in 1986—30 years ago. It was an eternity. Understand that IBM invented and put on the market its first laptop in 1986.

A lot has changed since that day 30 years ago. As the chairman mentioned, the cloud was where rain came from, or sometimes we see it here in Washington, D.C.—the cloud. Read more »

Saving Texas One Municipality At a Time


With all of the political involvement I'm involved in, and all of the knowledge I have and am still collecting about the political process, I forget sometimes that not everyone else 'nerds out' about this stuff. Like, how the convention process works at the district, state and national level. Or how many elections there are during the year and how many taxing authorities we actually give our money to. Read more »

Consideration of a Convention to Propose Amendments Under Article V of the U.S. Constitution

Cornyn Urges Support for Nominee for Ambassador to Mexico


Mexico and its economy is very important to our economy and how we do as a country. And in today's globalized world, we must continue to support our economic partnership with Mexico and find ways to build on it and certainly not do anything to undermine it.

Mexico is critical to our joint goals of countering and interdicting illegal substances entering the United States across the border. Read more »

Cruz names Fiorina as VP running mate


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