U.S. Immigration Levels, Urban Housing Values, and Their Implications for Capital Share


Piketty (2014) argues that capitalism is increasing the share of earning from capital share while shrinking that of wages, thus exacerbating income inequality. Rognlie (2015) criticizes and extends Piketty, showing that the increases in capital share and inequality tie in directly with long run increases in housing values.

Back to School

For much of Texas, this week marks the beginning of the new school year.

Proposal for a Better Tax Code


As part of House Speaker Paul Ryan’s “Better Way” series of policy proposals, Republican working groups have identified two major problems with the way our tax system currently works.

More Hillary Clinton Blame Game


In what can't be good news for wooing the black vote, Hillary Clinton blames Colin Powell made me do it!

The woman who said that she takes full responsibility for her server issues, former Secretary of State Hillary “Racist” Clinton blames Colin Powell for her email woes.

I can see the conversation now, where Powell advised Clinton,

CNN: If We Remove Her Violent Threats, She Sounds Pretty Good


CNN edited the remarks of the sister of Slyville Smith, whose shooting by a black policeman led a mob of protesters to start burning down various properties in their neighborhood. She’s calling for peace, they said.

Except for the part where she urges protesters to burn down the suburbs. Oops!

Hillary Blasts For-Profit Colleges, But Bill Took Millions From One


Union Offices Raided in Philadelphia


Union offices raided in Philadelphia. What took so long?

The IBEW Union Hall in Philadelphia, along with multiple other locations, were raided by the FBI. John Dougherty and the Local 98 seem to be at the center of this investigation, with Councilman Bobby Henon and President of the Local 98, Brian Burrows, also involved.

What is the Fed targeting in the raid?

Ending the IRS's Extortion of U.S. Athletes


Over the last few weeks, people around the world have been fixated on their televisions; watching athletes from countries big and small compete for glory at the Rio Olympics. Most Team USA athletes, such as college freshman and air rifle gold medalist Ginny Thrasher, are amateurs, sacrificing their own money for the opportunity to represent the United States.

Rick Perry Beats Ted Cruz in New 2018 Senate Primary Poll


Former Texas Governor Rick Perry beats U.S. Senator Ted Cruz in a hypothetical 2018 GOP senate primary poll published Thursday. The poll shows Gov. Perry with a 9 point lead over the incumbent freshman senator.

People Are Posting Their 'First 7 Jobs' On Social Media; Here's Why That's A Security Risk


Over the weekend, the hashtag #FirstSevenJobs started trending with some of the biggest names throwing their hats into the ring:

For example, the "Governator:"

Ice cream salesman (age 10, at the lake)
Glass factory custodian
Hardware sales
Tank driver
Personal trainer


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