NASA’s new space plane is getting ready to take flight


The American People Will Be Forever Grateful for Chris Kyle

Thursday, the City of Odessa gathered to honor the memory of one of their own; to recognize the life and distinguished service of fallen U.S. Navy SEAL veteran Chris Kyle. With the unveiling of this memorial, the city rightly remembers the contributions that Chris made to our nation and to our veterans. His loss not only needlessly ripped asunder the lives of his lovely wife and family, but has also taken a true hero from us.

As Texas Supreme Court mulls MQ Sullivan residency, he promotes citation proving he lives in Austin

A local prosecutor in Corsicana is “seething mad” after the spokesman for Texas Public Policy Foundation Vice Chairman Tim Dunn lashed out at the city and threated its police department even after a citation against him was dismissed.

HuffPo: Democrat Scandals Offer Clear Optics


I love the term “optics,” as it relates to politics. The Democrat’s convention offers pretty clear optics. DNC Chairwoman has resigned, and Hillary Clinton remains under fire for her shenanigans. Talk about your clear optics. Two powerful women, both under fire and in what’s supposed to be their finest hour?

New Portion of Alamo Wall Found in Archeological Dig


Photos released by the Texas General Land Office (GLO) on Monday reveal the discovery of a previously unseen, in modern times, section of the Alamo complex. The excavation team uncovered adobe bricks that appear to be of the type of material used to build the original structures of the iconic Texas landmark.

What I Learned at the Anti-Democratic Convention

Ain’t no way I’m watching the Democratic Convention.

Especially when I can be enjoying myself this week at the Mises Institute's “Mises University” program, which is the anti-Democratic Convention.

Here, students learn how society and economy order themselves without central planning, speech codes, or community activists.

A Year Later, the Iran Deal is Even More Dangerous Than Imagined

‘The most troubling part of this saga is that the President and his team didn’t dedicate their time to crafting a deal with real teeth to hold Iran accountable. Instead, they distorted the truth to create a fairy tale.’


This month marks the one-year anniversary of the Obama administration’s one-sided nuclear agreement with Iran, which I couldn’t support then and continue to oppose now.

A Quick Guide to Understanding How ISIS Perverts Islam To Recruit Its Followers


For too long, the canard of “Radical Islam” has been tossed around by our politicians as a catch-all bucket to explain the horrors of terrorism that occur here and abroad. “Radical Islam” was a term coined in the late 80s to describe the weaponization of the Taliban in Afghanistan and their turning against the West. It also applied to Al Qaeda, Al Shabab and a number of militant groups, but over the past 25 years, the landscape has changed.

ISIS Says Its 'Soldiers' Attacked Church in France, Killing Priest


Democrat Convention: Where Killing Cops is Condoned


The Democrats sorely need a distraction; a huge distraction. They know the best way to distract is with false narratives. So know the Democrats will showcase every whiny special interest group on the planet, as they play to their nonsensical whims.


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