Cornyn Op-Ed: Tax Reform to Put More Money into Your Pockets


I authored the following op-ed in the San Antonio Express-News over the weekend on how the principles laid out in the Republican framework for tax reform would benefit Texans: 

North Korea Nukes - A 'Real" Problem?


I’ve heard a great deal of disbelief come from contacts of mine regarding nuclear weapons and N. Korea.  If we listen to ‘the media’, it sounds like they’re just making a lot of noise with no real threat of truly hurting us here in the U.S.  But it’s just a matter of how you ‘translate’ the information as to whether you believe N. Korea is a threat and to what degree.

Continuing To Push For Disaster Relief

Last week, I toured areas devastated by Hurricane Harvey with Governor Greg Abbott, including Rockport, Port Aransas and Refugio. Debris removal and housing continue to be top priorities, and with most schools reopened (albeit many in temporary facilities), the areas continue to rebound.

SB4 - Unsafe and Unconstitutional

Senate Bill 4, which was packaged and sold by Governor Greg Abbot as a means to improve the safety of Texans, will actually make Texas a more dangerous place for everyone to live. If it had not been temporarily blocked on August 30th, the law would have made it illegal for any city government in Texas to have policy that interferes with the Federal government’s immigration enforcement agenda.

After Vegas: new strategies for soft targets, ISIS and ANTIFA


Analysis of the Las Vegas shooter’s motivation and mindset is going to take months to process — however the short term impacts of the scale and severity of the massacre raises important issues about soft targets and the need for new methods for tackling threats and terror — domestically and globally.

Evolution of the attacker

King of the Mountain - A Shared Objective

As a kid, I found a common game to play (especially for boys) was ‘King of the mountain’.  The idea was that everyone would gather around a mound of dirt and one or two kids would get on top.  The objective of the game was to knock off those on top and be the remaining person standing when the game was over.  This often suggested a lot of dirty cloths and more than a few bruises.

Texas Delegation Secures $15 Billion in Disaster Funds in Emergency Funding Bill

Addresses Immediate Needs of Texas Families & Communities

After a late night meeting with leaders of the U.S. House of Representatives, and consulting with Governor Abbott, members of the Texas delegation have identified nearly $15 billion of emergency funding for Texas to be included in the emergency disaster funding bill that passed the House this afternoon.

The Texan Dream


After Sam Houston’s Texian army defeated the colonial Mexican army at the battle of San Jacinto and forced General Santa Anna to order all of his troops south of the Rio Grande, in 1836 Texas declared independence and became its own country.

Honoring Texas’ Gold Star Families

Homeland. Family. Patriot. Sacrifice.

Those are the words on four panels that now stand side-by-side in Cedar Park, Texas. Notably cut out from the black granite panels is the silhouette of a soldier standing tall in salute, representing the hole in the hearts of those whose family member paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Sen. Cruz: Expanded Use of Association Health Plans is a Win-Win for Texas

Yesterday I issued the following statement regarding President Donald Trump’s intention to expand the use of association health and short term insurance plans:


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