TX State Rep. Allen Fletcher Prefiles Legislation to Assist Veterans

With prefiling of legislation beginning on November 8 for the upcoming legislative session, Representative Allen Fletcher from TX District 130 has filed four house bills and one joint resolution. Representative Fletcher’s legislation focuses on cracking down on crime to give our law enforcement better tools to execute their duties and to assist our veterans who have put their daily lives on the line for our freedom.


The first bill Representative Fletcher filed was House Bill 95 which will help totally disabled veterans by granting the surviving spouse the full property tax exemption which was afforded to the 100% disabled veteran.


Representative Fletcher said: "This bill only makes sense, when one of our brave soldiers becomes 100% disabled, the family of that soldier has to make career decisions. Far too often the spouses of these soldiers forego career opportunities and many reduce work hours affecting their income and retirement. The family's love and care is something the state and the Veterans Administration cannot provide in an assisted living facility. This is just a small token of appreciation to those spouses who assist the ones who protected our country."


One of his additional bills, House Bill 221 will increase the penalty for burglary of a motor vehicle to a state jail felony.


Representative Fletcher said: "I believe this bill is a high priority for my district and for the state of Texas. Currently, burglary of a motor vehicle is a Class A misdemeanor unless they are convicted repeat offenders. Much of the time, our officers are investigating crimes committed by repeat offenders who have yet to be caught and convicted of their previous crimes, thus will only receive a misdemeanor. I believe with enhanced penalties, these suspects will think twice before they burglarize the vehicles belonging to the people of the state of Texas."


Representative Allen Fletcher has more bills being drafted in the Legislative Council and he will be filing those once the bill drafts become available. You can check on bills filed by going to the website http://www.legis.state.tx.us.


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