“You can’t grow your economy if you don’t have an educated workforce.” – Those words from Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick could not be more true. Texas is leading the way with bold, conservative education reform that ditches the idea of “college for all” and instead gives students and their parents multiple pathways to a career. Teachers, administrators and students must be held accountable for competent performance. The system should be free from undue bias, which can distort students' perspectives on the world they must interact with to be competitive in a global market.
No parent should be forced to send their children to failing schools, which is why I’m glad my friend Governor Abbott is so fervently supporting school choice. 
Many Texas public universities have committed to accepting students who do not submit SAT or ACT standardized test scores, signaling that test-optional policies could be here to stay.
US naval academy
Congratulations to these six students who have chosen to take the road less traveled in service to our great country. They've made their families, communities, and our whole country proud by dedicating themselves to a cause...
Texas is well-positioned to grow even more as a leader in the domestic semiconductor arena and I will continue fighting in Congress to increase our semiconductor manufacturing capacity to support economic growth, secure...
This is the beginning of the three-month process of aligning the telescope, but so far the initial results match expectations and simulations.
Parents are describing their children’s speech problems as “COVID delayed,” with face coverings the primary cause of their speaking skills being seriously impaired.
The James Webb Space Telescope, named after one of NASA's earliest administrators, is bigger than the famous Hubble Space Telescope and is expected to give astronomers a much deeper understanding of our universe.
More than 700 mathematicians and scientists have signed an open letter denouncing recent “trends” in K-12 mathematics education that proponents argue will close achievement gaps and damage America’s global competitiveness....
Preserving the building ensures that future generations are able to learn the story and understand the rich, complicated history behind it.
School board races are over, and a lot of conservatives were elected to replace liberals and educrats. The question becomes: What now?
At a time when more Texas teachers are leaving the classroom, the state’s licensing board is considering a new certification exam that could help better prepare new teachers — and perhaps help keep them longer in the job....
Students in grades 9 – 12 may submit two-dimensional entries such as paintings, drawings, photos, computer-generated art, collages, and prints to Congressman Gonzales’ office for consideration. The deadline for students to...
Through their talent, hard work, and unmatched dedication, this year's group of recipients earned awards in a variety of fields that include visual and performing arts, business and industry, science, mathematics, and...
I am thrilled to see it become a national landmark and witness the impact that will have on Marfa. Preserving the Blackwell School will be crucial to ensuring that future generations learn its rich, complicated history.
It was an honor to have had the opportunity to share this news and hear her pride. I have no doubt that she will be incredibly successful should she accept this appointment, and I cannot wait to watch her thrive.
I’m honored to receive the PROMISE Award and look forward to continuing to advocate for the program.
As a former teacher and now a Member of Congress, I am thrilled to be able to recognize Ms. Chanthaphone. Constituents like her inform the work we do here in Washington to improve our education system while inspiring us...
Voting against Democrats and liberal policies is not illegal and does not warrant a federal investigation, and I stand with parents, students, and local leaders to shine a light on this overreach.
Monty Python comedian John Cleese has pulled out of a scheduled speech at Cambridge University, announcing that he is canceling himself “before someone else does.”
On Thursday, in a House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing, I pressed Attorney General Merrick Garland on his recent directive to mobilize the FBI against concerned parents at school board meetings, as well as the details...



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