Rational Middle

The filmmakers at the Rational Middle are working hard to bust the myths around the immigration debate.
The filmmakers at the Rational Middle have now released three additional installments of their documentary series on immigration, first tackling the question of whether a physical barrier along the United States’...
Our lawmakers talk a lot about our broken immigration system these days, but they have not been productive in fixing it. The latest liberal talking point is to call for abolishing ICE.
With the topic of immigration rising to the forefront of American politics, misinformation and false narratives have been promulgated by self-serving politicians and special interests on both sides of the political spectrum...
Armed with data and cool reasoning, the filmmakers at the Rational Middle are taking direct aim at one of the biggest myths out there: That undocumented immigrants are stealing jobs from Americans. 
The curtain is rising once again on Immigration Theater, that political playhouse in which the Trump administration engages in headline-grabbing showmanship rather than actually addressing the issue of illegal immigration....
Rational Middle Immigration
In the United States there is much debate over immigration, its effects, and what kind of policies will best serve our nation and its people.

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