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A recent presentation at the University of Saint Thomas in Houston highlighted how challenges associated with the outdated US immigration system have cultivated an inefficient, unethical, and unsafe shadow economy that...
A recent Rational Middle podcast debunked the myth that immigration depresses the labor market opportunities of low-skilled native-born Americans.
The rate of new business creation for the foreign born is almost twice that of native-born Americans, and new businesses are one of the primary drivers for job creation.
We need to recapture that ethic and that commitment to real work. Blue-collar workers aren’t disposable costs, and until our industry abandons its obsession with short-term profit, the housing crisis will continue. 
The following information is from the Eventbrite page for the Rational Middle of Immigration Solutions Summit.
During a recent Rational Middle Podcast, Steven Scarborough, Strategic Initiatives Manager at the Center for Houston’s Future (CHF), discussed
immigration application
The following article is from Center for Houston's Future regarding a recent panel discussion on immigration:
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Loren C. Steffy discussed the new book he co-authored with Stan Marek, Deconstructed: An Insider's View of Illegal Immigration, on a recent Rational Middle podcast with host Chris Lyon.
Rational Middle
Jorge Lima, Senior VP of Policy at Americans for Prosperity, recently joined host Gregory Kallenberg on Kallenberg's Rational Middle podcast to discuss the importance of finding common ground on im
Rational Middle
The filmmakers at the Rational Middle have now also launched a podcast tackling the tough topic of immigration.
The native-born population doesn’t have enough babies to maintain the population size of the US, and in the absence of immigration the US shrinks in size, economic presence, and its abilities to protect its values around the...
The US population is aging largely because American fertility rates are decreasing. On the other hand, immigrants contribute to the working age US population and workforce at a significant rate.
When it comes to divisive topics, immigration is among the most divisive in America today. Voices on either side feel unheard while half-truths and misinformation spring forth from cable news, social media, and even...
Experts on immigration policy discussed challenges facing the U.S. immigration system while calling for effective and attainable solutions for border security and immigration reform during the recent Rational Middle of...
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Business leaders and immigration experts explained the needs for and benefits of creating a policy to ID and Tax unauthorized immigrants during the latest episode of the Rational Middle of Immigration Docuseries: Finding...
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Stan Marek, CEO of the Houston-based MAREK and long-time sensible immigration policy advocate met with host Gregory Kallenberg on a recent episode of the 
Harvey Construction
On a recent Rational Middle podcast, Executive Producer Loren Steffy spoke with Mark Erlich, a Wertheim Fellow of Research on Misclassification and the Underground Economy at the Harvard Law School and former
Center For Houston's Future
More than 40 percent of all jobs in the Houston region will be held by immigrants in the next two decades, per a study from the Center for Houston’s Future focused on the economic realities of what the immigrant workforce...
Bibles Badges Business
Leaders in Texas’ business, law enforcement, and faith communities met at Austin Stone Community Church recently for a Texas convening of Bibles, Badges, and Business hosted by the National Immigration Forum.



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