Put simply: We are for limited government that works. At TexasGOPVote, we will work as a watchdog to help our state lawmakers and our congressional delegation pull in the reins on unnecessary spending and government bureaucracy. You better believe we’ll expose politicians who seek to act outside the bounds set by the Forefathers in the Constitutions of Texas and the United States.
State Rep. Stephanie Klick's bill would give Texans with multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and spasticity access to medical cannabis oil.
Yesterday I delivered remarks at the groundbreaking for a new San Antonio federal courthouse, along with other members of the Texas and San Antonio delegations. 
I recently continued on my efforts to increase access to and decrease costs of quality medical care by cosponsoring the Cancer Drug Coverage Parity Act. This bipartisan bill introduced by Reps.
Julian Castro, the former mayor of San Antonio now running as a Democratic candidate for president, dropped a list of 30 high-profile endorsement from Lone Star State politicians shortly after fellow Texan Beto O'Rourke...
The American people are being played.  The Left is smart enough to mask their true intent and disguise themselves as a more palatable term such as socialists.  But in reality, that term is being misused way too much.
Texas Capitol
Texas Republicans are once again taking aim at government-mandated collective bargaining agreements on taxpayer-funded construction projects around the state. A legislative hearing on the issue on Wednesday, though,...
Earlier this week I criticized the far-left socialist policies being advocated by some congressional Democrats. Excerpts of my floor remarks are below, and video can be found here:
Some supporters of gifted and talented programs worry that the proposal will ultimately shortchange the state’s brightest children.
Early in the 1950s, the average American typically made purchases with cash.  If they wanted to buy Christmas presents, they used layaway plans.  (Make the purchase in a store, make a down payment, and then make...
U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) and I released the following statements after President Trump nominated Jeff Brown to fill a judicial vacancy on the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas in Galveston, and...
Priorities reveal everything. HR 1 is reserved each session of Congress by the majority party for the biggest change they champion for America.
Remember the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, The Emperor's New Clothes? A fun story where the Emperor is fawned toward and lied to, being told what he wants to hear when it wasn't true.
I released the following statements regarding President Trump’s budget proposal and the House passage of H. Con. Res. 24
China poses a clear and present danger to our national security and has already infiltrated our rail and bus manufacturing industries. The threat to our national security through the exploitation of our transportation and...
Developing countries want American business, but in most markets China and others are winning with state-backed inducements and economic coercion. 
Internet of Things devices will improve and enhance nearly every aspect of our society, economy and our day-to-day lives. This is groundbreaking work and IoT devices must be built with security in mind, not as an...
Julian Castro
Catholicism has become a tool used by Democrats who claim to be ‘Catholics’ to gain favor and eventually votes to attain their political goal. Some even use it as a weapon to bring in the ‘flock’ of voters.
I continued my efforts to increase access and lower the cost of quality health care by cosponsoring a bipartisan bill to repeal the burdensome Health Insurance Tax created by the Affordable Care Act.
The bill is part of a series of proposals designed to slow property tax growth and fix how the state pays for its schools.
There’s no good reason why our teachers should pay out of their own pockets for the resources needed to do their jobs, which is why I’m proud to cosponsor this bill.



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