CD 25 Spotlight on Dianne Costa Part 2 - Experienced Mediator and Problem Solver

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Congressional District 25 Republican candidate and former Mayor of Highland Village, Texas, Dianne Costa. This is the second of five parts of this interview. This segment focuses on Mayor Costa's experience as a mediator and problem solver.

Our nation faces many difficult choices. The next Congress will have to deal with issues like restoring jobs, eliminating the destructive effects of ObamaCare and other disasterous policies of the Obama Administration, national security issues and border security.  Many of these issues will need the skills of an experienced problem solver - someone who can accomplish their goals while implementing proven Conservative principles. Mayor Costa's experiences tell me she is ready to face those challenges. Watch this video as Mayor Costa discusses her experience in these areas.

The district stretches from the southwestern portions of Tarrant County 200 miles across Central Texas to the western side of Travis County. It encompasses all or parts of 13 counties: Hays, Travis, Burnet, Lampasas, Coryell, Bell, Hamilton, Bosque, Erath, Johnson, Somervell, Hill and a small portion of Tarrant. The seat is currently held by Congressman Lloyd Doggett who has elected not to run for re-election in this district.

Map of Newly Drawn CD-25

Full Transcript:

Bob Price: Tell us about your unique background in problem resolution and how that helped you move forward in working with building teamwork to get something done.

Dianne Costa: Well, you know, no one person has all the answers, and as Mayor, my job was to help bring consensus and recognize that we all have something to offer, and so as a team, we worked together to create an environment that would allow everyone to have a say, and ultimately, to go out in the city and talk to our citizens and ask them what type of businesses they would like for us to bring in. Now, in order for the businesses to want to come in, we had to finish a major highway that runs through our city. We bit the bullet years ago and decided we recognize that there are problems in transportation. We are one of the largest growing counties in the nation, and so bringing through a major highway allowed the businesses to come and seek to being in a place where they would have great access. Certainly there were some businesses that some of the council members were opposed to, but ultimately with a developer, you can't omit a particular business. In point, the Wal-Mart. We have a Super Wal-Mart, but as we were building it, it was the first of its kind in the nation. We asked them to do it with Hill Country stone, we have a great wine selection, we have a deli, we chose to have a bike shop instead of an automotive inside, and so we worked well with the developer. Ultimately, the citizens decided that it would be an asset to our city, not just aesthetically, but certainly in our sales tax, which ultimately means we don't have to raise tax.

Bob Price: Well those are problem solving skills that will serve you well as you try to deal with some of the Democrats...

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