CD 25 Spotlight on Dianne Costa Part 4 - A Look at Congressional District 25

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Congressional District 25 Republican candidate and former Mayor of Highland Village, Texas, Dianne Costa. This is the fourth of five parts of this interview. This segment focuses on Mayor Costa's overview of CD-25. She comments on the diversity of the district from the standpoint of geography, economies and other issues.  She also discusses her family's ranch in the district.

As a ranch owner in the distict and a former mayor of a metropolitan city, Mayor Costa is uniquely qualified to understand the diverse interests and needs of a diverse district that runs from the urban areas of Austin and Fort Worth to ranching interests and small town issues facing the rural areas of this Central Texas district. Watch this video as Mayor Costa talks about Congressional District 25 from her unique perspective.

The 25th Congressional District stretches from the southwestern portions of Tarrant County 200 miles across Central Texas to the western side of Travis County. It encompasses all or parts of 13 counties: Hays, Travis, Burnet, Lampasas, Coryell, Bell, Hamilton, Bosque, Erath, Johnson, Somervell, Hill and a small portion of Tarrant. The seat is currently held by Congressman Lloyd Doggett who has elected not to run for re-election in this district.

Full Transcript:

Dianne Costa: If you look at 25, it's a 200 mile district, and so certainly the issues from top to bottom are going to be diverse. I think there will be many that will be the same. Jobs is going to be a big issue, you know, regulation, but I want to know specifically in every area of the district, what's unique to their needs. We did that here in the city. I as Mayor took a council member to the different areas of the city to find out what their particular needs were, and it's much the same that I'll do at this district, granted, a much larger district. If you look at the district, you have your ranches, your farmers. As you get farther south, you have a great military base, and of course the military is near and dear to my heart as the daughter, the sister, wife, and now the mother of military. The military is very important to me. And then of course the people in Austin, the hard workers that are out there trying to make a living, and so we're going to concentrate on each and every inch of that district, and we're going to listen to the people, we're going to talk about the things that are needed in that district, and then once I'm Congresswoman, we're going to get it. If you've ever been to these counties, it's just beautiful, you know, the countryside is beautiful. There's nothing that compares, so we decided that we wanted to invest in that and be a place to be able to hang out with our family and we named [our ranch house] after a song that my mother loved. It was called Cielito Lindo, and so we're very proud of our place.

Bob Price: It sounds like that's where your heart is.

Dianne Costa: Absolutely, it's where my heart is.


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