An Historical De-Evolution in Presidential Candidate Evaluation - Cain and Gingrich go Back to the Future

It is not very often that something unique happens in U.S. Presidential Elections. However, this weekend two of the top Republican candidates for President of the United States will step out of the box and leap "Back to the Future" as voters will get an historic opportunity to evaluate the positions of these candidates in a way that has not been done in generations. The current leader of the Republican presidential race, Mr. Herman Cain and former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich will sit down at a round table to discuss some of the most pressing economic issues facing the leaders of our government after the upcoming next election. Those being, what to do about Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare!

However, the discussion will not be the normal "sound bite" oriented question and answer session. It will, rather, be an in-depth discussion with little, if any moderation, according to the event organizer Julie Turner. Turner is the president of the Texas Patriot PAC which is organizing the event.  It will be the kind of debate reminiscent of the famous "Lincoln - Douglas" Debates. 

I had the opportunity to talk with Mrs. Turner this week about the significance of this debate and how it came about. I must say, my hat is off to her and her organization for pulling this off. When is the last time you saw a presidential debate that was NOT sponsored by one of the talking heads of the main stream media. The grassroots efforts of the Texas Patriot PAC will bear tremendous fruit of information and knowledge for the voters of America as they choose their next Republican nominee and eventual president.

In speaking with Mrs. Turner, it became clear that the time is here for voters to "vote their values." In the early days of the Tea Party movement we spent a lot of time gathering in large numbers where we learned just how many of our "like minded" friends there were in this country. Conservatives come in all races, all colors and all religions.  It is time we abandon the party labels and past traditions that told many of us who we were "supposed" to vote for. It is time to put our votes behind candidates who truly support the values of Conservatives.

Tickets to attend the debate in person are available. Click here to purchase tickets. If you are not able to make the trip to Texas, the C-SPAN Network, WSB Radio Network and The Neal Boortz Network will offer fully televised and audio live broadcasts of The Cain-Gingrich Debate on November 5th in The Woodlands, TX, which starts at 7pm. It will also receive coverage from major media networks as well as TexasGOPVote.

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