NAACP Asks UN Council to Investigate US Voter ID Laws Even Though Countries on Council Don't Allow Women to Vote

The NAACP has asked the United Nations Human Rights Council to investigate U.S voter ID Laws. The problem is that some of the countries on this UN Council, Saudi Arabia for instance, do not even allow woman to vote!

This is ridiculous! How Hypocritical can the NAACP be? They are asking a country who does not even allow women to vote to investigate the United States where ANY citizen can vote regardless of the color of their skin or if they are a woman.

If the NAACP really did care about ending discrimination and making sure everyone has the right to vote, the NAACP would ask Saudi Arabia to be investigated by the UN. How dare the NAACP ask that the U.S. be investigated by Countries in the UN like Saudi Arabia.

Voter ID laws have been enacted in dozens of states. They are simple, common sense laws that require people voting to bring their free government issued ID that they already have anyways because ID is required to do anything from go to the movies, drive a vehicle, or even to get food stamps. Democrats and the NAACP require identification to go to many of their rallies and events, so why is this so bad to want to protect our election process from people voting illegally, voting twice, or voting under made up names and registration cards?

Not only have a majority of the states in America enacted laws requiring people to show ID when they vote, but many countries also require voter ID including Mexico and Germany.

If asking the UN to investigate America was not enough, the NAACP President Wants Felons to Vote and Says it is Racist That They Can't.

The NAACP used to serve a good purpose, but they have gone from helping black people have an equal vote to now advocating for felons to be able to vote and claiming it is racist, like Jim Crow Laws, that felons can't vote. I guess they are running out of things to do now that everyone is equal, so they have to pull the race card to protect felons.

The NAACP president himself is sayings felons should vote.

I worked with a guy who was in prison and changed his life when he got out and now has a family and lives a good life and votes conservative Christian values. So I am not saying that anyone who has committed a crime should never be able to vote even after they have done their time. In Texas, depending on your crime I believe, you can vote on local or state ballots once you have done your time. People who are in prison should not be able to vote while they are still in prison though.

My point is that the NAACP is saying it is RACIST that felons can't vote and they want ALL felons to be able to vote no matter what horrendous crime or murder they committed.


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