Saddle-Up Texas Straw Poll - Ted Cruz Wins Senate Portion of Poll

The Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll event turned out to be a very successful event for candidates to meet with some of the states top political activists from the grassroots of Texas. I will be writing a series of posts on this event to bring you some speeches and personal interviews I conducted with some of the speakers who were present.

Part of the event was, obviously, a straw poll. The poll consisted of two parts. A vote by the people present and a separate vote that was conducted by text messaging via an internet promotion. Emails were ablaze from candidates as the reached out to supporters to cast ballots on their behalf. The poll took votes on the Presidential Primary Candidates as well as the Texas US Senate and House races. Additionally votes were taken for State Senate and State House districts.

In the Presidential Poll, at no surprise to anyone, Rep. Ron Paul finished first with over 54% of the Text vote and 27% of the in person vote. In the Text vote, Rick Santorum finished second with 15.6%, followed by Rick Perry at 13.3% and Gingrich with 11.9%. The In-Person Vote showed Newt Gingrich at 23.8%, followed closely by Rick Santorum at 21.2%. Perry came in 4th with 19.4% of the vote.

American Veterans Honored at Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll

US Senate candidate, Ted Cruz delivered an impassioned speech to the attendees, as did several other Senate candidates. Cruz won both the Text vote and the In-person vote. He garnered 49.1% of the Text vote and 47.8% of the In-person vote. In the Text vote, Cruz was followed by the newest of the Senate candidates, Craig James at 12.9% and Glenn Addison at 12.0%. Lela Pittenger and former Dallas Mayor, Tom Leppert tied at 9.1% each.

The In-person results showed Glen Addison in 2nd with 19.9%, David Dewhurst at 10.3%, Craig James at 9.9% and Lela Pittenger at 7.2%. 

After Cruz speech, he paused to talk with me in an exclusive interview. During the interview, I asked Cruz about the stories being circulated that he is tied, through his wife, to the CFR. Normally, I would not ask a question about a candidates spouse, but this story keeps hanging around. I felt it was important to get his answer to this on record.

Interview with US Senate Candidate Ted Cruz

Other parts of the interview include Cruz discussion about defending Texas against an over-reaching federal government and protecting US sovereignty from the World Courts attack on Texas during the 2008 execution of rapist/murderer Jose Medellian. Please note, this interview does not constitute nor imply an endorsement for Mr. Cruz or any other candidate in this race.

Interestingly enough, while then Texas Solicitor General Cruz was in Washington DC defending Texas in this case, I was on the prison grounds in Huntsville doing one of my first news reports about this particular execution.  

During the next several days, I will bring you more reports about the Saddle Up Texas Straw Poll. I have several other key interviews including one with former Presidential Candidate, Herman Cain. 

I would like to extend a special thank you to the board of Saddle Up Texas for their hospitality and cooperation in making these reports possible.  Specifically to the people I worked with, Boar President Joe Pelati, Vice-President Felicia Cravens (Houston Tea Party Society) and Director Dale Huls (Clear Lake Tea Party).  Without their work and the dozens of volunteers who put in tireless hours, none of this would have been possible.


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How about some pointed questions on the issues that are actually affecting Americans like: prosecuting the Wall Street gamblers that perpetrated the financial meltdown, addressing the expansionary policy of the Fed before our money is complete toilet paper, or stopping the interventionist foreign policy of nation-building and acting as a global police force.


Of course, taking a real conservative stand on these issues would require a candidate to separate him/herself from the Wall St Banksters and neocons – and more importantly saying goodbye to their campaign contributions.


Take a look at Cruz’s donors. This guys supposed to be the real deal “Tea Party” candidate, and yet his top contributors come from folks at Goldman Sachs and even the Chertoff Group (the very firm that lobbied to have naked body scanners at the airport nearest you). Seriously! If this is the consensus candidate for senate (and he isn't), Ted Cruz is proof that the Tea Party has been subverted by corporatists and cronies of the banking cartels who stand for policies diametrically opposed to those originally championed by the original Tea Party. Fortunately, Ron Paul's recent victories are positive signs that some common sense still exists in the Tea Party - which is actually a movement started within a party on the basis of very specific stances about ending government growth and corruption. Regardless, the predominant segment of the GOP has a ways to go before we learn that the policies and political alliances put in place by George W Bush are, by no means, conservative.

There is sensibility in the Tea Party, Stephen. And yes, there is subversion by mainstream candidates. "People," such as yourself, Stephen H. (AKA Steven Aldrin on Facebook or TeaforTexas on Twitter), who create fake profiles to troll the internet and attack real conservatives. 

I find it rather insidious that Dewhurst would go to such lengths to attack a true, proven conservative like Ted Cruz. The only silver lining is that you lack the skill to not create your twitter profile shortly after Dewhurst's announcement, expand your scant FB profile, and that you never fail to attack Ted Cruz, but never come out in favor of another decent Tea Party candidate (of which there are plenty). 

I don't know who you are, but you're scum. For those of you reading this, I encourage you to Google Ted Cruz, and peek into the comment sections. You'll usually find Stephen here bashing Ted Cruz as part of some global conspiracy, but never speaking out against Dewhurst, who is much part of the elite system as anyone else, and never advocating for an alternative.

And if you're wondering who I am, my name is Joseph Wyly. Look for me on FB. I'm the guy standing next to Clarence Thomas. I'm a third year law student, I don't get paid by anyone in politics, and I am NOT part of any alleged global conspiracy. 
Don't listen to "Stephen's" lies. Do your own research and decide for yourself.

While I admire your attempts to call out campaign-paid trollers, and they do exist, let me assure you I am not. I am not paid by any campaign. I am supporting Glenn Addison for Texas Senate, not Dewhurst. And, I am NOT Stephen Aldrin. I rarely post comments, and never include my full name for personal reasons. I can understand your skepticism as I have seen comments posted by online trollers obviously working for campaigns, however, if it helps, please feel free to contact me at my college email [email protected]. Maybe I can convince you to stop supporting big-government corpratists, like Cruz and  David Dewhurst, and get behind some real patriots who embody the spirit of the Tea Party before it was co-opted. BestSteVe H.

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