Texas Governor Rick Perry Makes a "Strategic Retreat" - Endorses Speaker Gingrich

Today, in a move that surprised hardly anyone, Texas Governor Rick Perry announced he is suspending his campaign for President of the United States. During his concession, Gov. Perry endorsed former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich to become the partys nominee.

This withdrawal was the right thing to do. And it is the right time to do it. It is time for Republicans to settle down and pick a nominee. We have just gone through a season of some of the best job screening processes I have ever witnessed for a presidential primary.

Perhaps the biggest surprise came from his endorsement of Speaker Gingrich. While I certainly agree with the Governor on this, many felt the Governor would endorse the more socially conservative, former Sen. Rick Santorum. Particularly after the endorsement of Santorum by many of Texas evangelical Christians last weekend.

At the Saddle Up Texas Poll, Texas State Senator Dan Patrick told the audience about the meeting he attended with a group of very socially conservative Christian leaders. After a repeated ballot process, the group settled on Santorum as their pick.

I had the opportunity to talk to Sen. Patrick about this meeting and how they selected Santorum over the Texas favorite son, Perry.  Here is what he had to say.


Gov. Perry now returns to Texas where he can continue creating jobs for Texas. Now... If we could just get that Keystone Pipeling built into Texas...  How about it Governor?


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