America, Speak Out!

This liberal Congress has turned a deaf ear to the people that they were sent to Washington to represent. As American families across the country cut spending and pay off debt, this Congress is passing massive new entitlement programs and piling up record levels of debt. Americans are rightfully asking the question “why won’t Washington listen?”

With that in mind, I am excited to join my Republican colleagues today to introduce America Speaking Out, a project designed to engage with the American people in a meaningful, new way. Based on the principle that the best ideas are rarely found in Washington, House Republicans are asking Americans for their input in crafting a new agenda. It will be a public forum, where all Americans can propose ideas, debate, and cast votes on them.

As a conservative, I am committed to the core ideals of limited government, fiscal responsibility, individual freedom, states’ rights, and a strict interpretation of the Constitution. I measure every piece of legislation that crosses my desk against these principles. I also believe that one of the hallmarks of our democracy is a free and open exchange of ideas, so I encourage everyone to visit and join the debate.


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