Announcement Of Legislation To Pave The Way For Freedom And Democracy In Iran

Today, Sam Brownback, R-Kansas and I announced the introduction of legislation to support efforts by Iranian opposition groups to remove the abusive and destabilizing government regime in Tehran, which is headed by Supreme Leader Ali Hoseyni Khamenei and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The bill would establish a program of direct assistance for the Iranian people and would help pave the way for a freely elected, open and democratic government in Iran. The Iran Democratic Transition Act would not only send a strong message of support to the Iranian people during this difficult time, it would also provide tangible resources needed to establish a democratic system in Iran in the near future.

On the anniversary of the Iranian revolution, throngs of brave Iranians are taking to the streets, risking their lives to protest the radical, totalitarian regime ruling their nation. The people of Iran are clearly hungry for freedom, and America has a duty to stand behind them and support their cause. Their cause is just, and this is the right thing to do. This legislation will send a clear signal to the Iranian people that we support their efforts to end the current tyrannical regime, which fails to represent their ideals and democratic aspirations.

For too long, the voices of forward-looking, freedom-loving Iranians have been muted through the regime’s violence and intimidation. President Ahmadinejad, with the full support of the Supreme Leader, has made clear what he stands for. This regime’s human rights abuses, relentless quest for nuclear weapons, and support for terrorism – including against American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan – must not be tolerated any longer. It continues to destabilize the Middle East and threaten international peace.

Never has the cause of freedom in Iran been more urgent. In a free and democratic Iran, national leaders would never do what Ahmadinejad did today: celebrate the enrichment of uranium in defiance of the entire international community. I urge Majority Leader Reid and my other colleagues to quickly take up this legislation to help the Iranian people pave the way for freedom and democracy in Iran.


The greatness of America is based on our ability to ‘fearlessly speak’ and fight for our principles. By comparison we see pro-Democracy Iranians rising up against their Totalitarian regime. What a great contrast! The Iranians are dealing with a government that thinks nothing of having them killed by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards who think nothing of killing them. Many Americans believe the Iranian struggle is noble and empathize with their fight for freedom and democracy. Many Americans also believe we should be helping the Iranian people. Obama’s ‘talking policy’ has actually emboldened President Ahmadenejad and the Mullahs to ignore negotiations, agreements and sanctions while continuing their uranium enrichment program and silencing the protestors. But, Iran’s pro-Democratic movement will not be silenced. There already are signs of a division in the Islamic Republic. We also see Hillary Clinton bravely speaking out against the Regime. Times are brewing for the Iranian Democratic movement to find the cracks in their abusive regime’s power and seize the opportunity to end this destabilizing, military dictatorship. Time is also right for Americans to be outspoken and support “Iran Democratic Transition Act of 2010”.  This bill can help protect the human rights of the Iranian people in a non-military capacity. It can bring about a transition towards Democracy and can stop the quest for nuclear missiles, all from within Iran. This will free Israel and the US from having to strike at Iran’s development of nuclear missiles. This will stop Iran’s dictators from seeking dominance in the Middle East Region. Therefore, let's show our support for this bill. And should our President continue with his ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ attitude, it is the duty of Congress to stand up and ‘take actions worthy of our country’… and it is for our principles that ‘We The People’ need to bravely stand up for our country...Respectfully, JanSuzanne Krasner


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