Another US Border Patrol Agent Murdered - How many more must die?

In the darkness of night, Tuesday night (12/14) another US Border Patrol Agent was gunned down and killed along the Arizona/Mexico Border. Agent Brian A. Terry was patrolling a region of the border called the Peckwell/Rio Ricco sector with an undetermined number of other US Border Patrol Agents when they came acorss five suspects. The suspects opened fire on the agents. During the firefight, Agent Terry was shot and later pronounced dead from his injuries.

During a conversation with the Phoenix FBI office, I learned one of the suspects was shot and later transported to the hospital for treatment. His condition is unknown at this time. FBI spokesperson, Brenda Nath, told me they do not currently know (or aren't releasing) the details of the suspects as to who they are or why they opened fire on the Border Patrol Agents. Nath said, "In addition to the hospitalized suspect, three other suspects are in custody and one is still at large. It is not currently known which suspect shot Agent Terry." The FBI will be leading this investigation and promised to keep us informed of new information as it becomes available.

The US Border Patrol released the following statement. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the Terry family for their tragic loss,” said CBP Commissioner Alan Bersin. “Our commitment to Agent Terry and his family is that we will do everything possible to bring to justice those responsible for this despicable act.” 

Agent Terry's murder marks the third death in the line of duty of US Border Patrol Agents. In August of 2009 I reported on the murder of Border Patrol Agent Robert Wiley Rosas. How many more must die for us?

In August, President Obama authorized the spending of $600 million of emergency funding to provide more security along the border. This included the hiring of 1,500 new law enforcement officers, additional drones and forward operating bases to enhance security.

This is not enough. How many more law enforcement officers much be killed because our Congress and President do not have the courage to secure the border of the United States. These deaths are completely predictable with the increasing violence along the border. They are also preventable.

US Border Patrol spokesman Mario Escalante said, "U.S Customs and Border Protection will continue to be resolute in our commitment to securing our Nation’s borders while remembering all of the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice."

But they need help! I have suggested to members of Congress that armed National Guard troops be deployed along the US/Mexico border, paid for by the federal government, but under the direction and control of the border state governors. This would provide additional resources to governors trying to protect their state and would avoid the posse comitatus act, which prohibits federal troops from law enforcement duties. The National Guard, while under state control, does have law enforcement authority.

It is time to take action. Law enforcement officers, sworn to protect us and other civilians are being murdered by drug cartels and human smugglers. Border violence has indeed spread to inland cities like Phoenix and Houston as well as other cities across the nation.  

Please contact your member of Congress and senators. Contact your governor and state representatives. Contact the White House and the Department of Homeland Security. Let them know that the deaths of these agents is not to be tolerated and we MUST secure the border. We MUST do it now!  What say you?


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We should take immediate and effective action to stop the blood shredd of our agents. To erradicate the these type of criminals it is necessary to have a close watch including search by air and land. We should not let any more loss to our Boarder security agents . It should take as a thret to the Nation and cannot tolerate this type of crualty any more.

Our governor should CLOSE THE BORDERs of Texas & uphold HIS oath of office ... whether the feds ie obama does or not !! He is the commander in chief of TEXAS !!
This is totally uncalled for !!   We RE-elected perry to ??protect?? us??   Does his oath say he will only uphold the Texas Constitution IF obama upholdes the US Constitution??
Wake up TEXAS !!!   When will U clean your own HOUSE ... & hold the TEXAS folks accountable ??   It is past time !!
I know my comments are unpopular with the GOP ... but that doesnt take away from the TRUTH !!

it's coming out now that the supervisor of the tuscon sector is no longer there, he was the guy ( under janet nap's direction i am sure ) who effectively sent this agent to his death by making him patrol a known cartel-route with rubber bullets....this would all be solved if we could only pass the 8th or 9th amnesty bill....oh wait....we are all set to get another amnesty shoved down our throats with the traitors in congress voting on yet another scam tomorrow....all the promised security provisions from the last 8 amnesties have really helped this agent and his family right???

Do you have proof of this accusation?

fact: Victor M. Manjarrez Jr., was reassigned out of Tuscon on 12/1/2010 for “personal reasons” ( in other words, the US chamber of commerce told janet nap to have him reassigned before an investigation got too far ) fact: Brian Terry was shot and killed by an illegal alien on Dec 14, 2010 ( multiple multiple sources ) fact: Brian Terry was armed with either bean bag rounds or rubber bullets, it is unclear which, however, there is NO question that he only allowed to carry non-lethal rounds: fact: captured thug Manuel Arianes, a.k.a. Manuel Arellanes Osorio, was wounded in the gunfight. Arianes, 34, and a Mexican national, was convicted in Maricopa County Superior Court in 2006 for aggravated assault on a police officer, and had been deported to Mexico twice, according to sources familiar with his case,” Arizona’s The Republic reported. there are quite a few of us who are working under the radar to keep an investigation going

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