Breaking News: Obama releases his Birth Certificate for Trump but not the Average American - Millions Wasted

Obama has finally released his Birth Certificate to prove that he is an American Born Citizen, something that is required by the Constitution in order to be President. This shows how out of touch the Obama Administration truly is with the average America people. For years the average American has asked Obama to just put the issue to rest and show us your birth certificate. It took an important and wealthy celebrity/businessman to get Obama to release the birth certificate. Why did Obama not do it earlier when the average citizen was asking for it. Thank you Mr. Trump for pushing the issue and getting results, but it is a shame it was not released when the average American was asking for it.

Millions Spent Defending Birth Certificate Hold Out but Obama Won't Defend American Laws

The Obama Administration spent Millions of Dollars fighting against releasing the birth certificate. Yet when it comes to defending the Defense of Marriage Act, a law that was passed by the elected representatives and supported by nearly every state in the America through constitutional amendments banning gay marriage, Obama tells the Justice Department not to do their job and defend the law.

The priorities of the Obama Administration are all backwards and out of touch with the American people, and this birth certificate fiasco serves as proof.


I understand there are a lot of 'birthers' out there, but I have never looked at things from that angle because it would be so hard to prove.  I came from a different angle. Whether he is/was a dual citizen at any time.  Here is an article from that is very interesting. Can anyone disprove/prove this? If you can disprove it, why haven't you. If you cannot prove it why haven't your put all your efforts into investigating the issue?  Any questions, please let me know. I founded the website listed so you can easily contact me there. 
Thank you

Obama's Birth Certificate is a forgery. A fraud - again.
We should not give him or the Progressive Democrats a pass simply because they've deliberately made the argument uncomfortable.
It's a Constitutional requirement for the candidates to qualify. Why then do we insist in giving him a pass and allowing the liberal media and newly entrenched socialists to control to discourse allowed in the public square?
It's not a defensible argument for them so the Alinsky tactic is to ridicule anyone who brings it up. Those deficient in intestinal fortitude and principle surrender the argument much too quickly. Especially when you consider that this vetting process is then required to allow a party candidate on a State ballot and that each State should then reserve the right to examine the documentation produced to qualify the individual. There is NO executive prerogative or privilege that I can fathom would allow approval by taking someone at their word.

Seriously? A Project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center? why don't you check on what that is and then get back to me!

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