Christine O'Donnell's We the People of the First State

Last night, Republican candiate for Senate Christine O'Donnell went "On the Record" to discuss her campaign with Greta Van Susteren. O'Donnell discusses her 30-minute ad that mysteriously keeps getting forgotten by Delaware local news stations. She explains:

"We took out a 30-minute ad because we wanted people to see what's really going on the scenes, get to know the people that I've gotten to know on the campaign trail, hear the stories of these small business owners who are going to be forced to shut their doors happen, even if it's the top two percent. So we did a 30-minute piece showing exactly what's happening in Delaware. It's very beautiful, it's very special. So we bought some slots last week, and it didn't happen. Last night was supposed to be the big premiere, we've been promoting it all weekend, tweeting about it, and it didn't happen. We were told this morning they forgot, it didn't happen again. We had so many stories, maybe somebody just dropped the ball, you know, or maybe it has something to do with it being the county station…"

Watch the ad below! It really shows how important this race is to not only Delaware but to the rest of the nation as well. Christine O'Donnell is in a close race with Democrat Chris Coons - it will be interesting to see how this race turns out!

We the People of the First State from Friends of Christine O'Donnell on Vimeo.


It's deplorable how orchestrated the MAO Leftists attacks on O'Donnell have been, even to the extent that the local Delaware media INTENTIONALLY "forgot" to play a 30-minute ad (as if they get these all the time!)... unbeknownst to them, they are shaping O'Donnell into a Tea Party Martyr and Martyrs are always elevated above all else... if she doesn't win this term, I pray she doesn't give up the good fight because it's absolutely apparent the Tea Party Wave the Republicans are riding on, is only a taste of what's to come in 2012... THAT wave might be a Tsunami and O'Donnell will be heralded in with a vengeance!

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