Congratulations! Texas Republican Volunteers of the Year from Each Senate District

On September 30th, 2011, the Republican Party of Texas and the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) honored the Texas Republican Volunteers of the Year at a special dinner held at the Austin Club in Austin, TX.

The Volunteers of the Year were each given a special gift (an Official State of Texas Gavel) and each of them got to go up to the front of the room to be recognized, as they so justly deserve. There were MANY elected officials who attended the dinner and the dinner was made possible by gracious donations from Republican officials in Texas.

The Republican Party of Texas picked 31 of the best Republican Volunteers in Texas. We picked one from each State Senate District in Texas. There are MANY great volunteers so it was difficult picking just 31 in the whole state.

Some of these Volunteers of the Year literally spend the entire election year working over 40 hours a week every single week. It was a full time job, except they did it for free!

Of course, there are MANY other wonderful Republican Volunteers here in Texas, and we are very grateful for every single one of you no matter how many hours you worked.

Below is the entire list of the Volunteers of the Year, including which State Senate District they belong to.

If you recognize one of these names please tell them thanks next time you see them!

Volunteer of the Year Winners
Senate District 1 – Keith Flowers
Senate District 2 – Paul Hoffman
Senate District 3 – JoAnn Fleming
Senate District 4 – Pearl Maggio
Senate District 5 – W.H. (Bill) Giesenschlag
Senate District 6 – Brian Keith Bishop
Senate District 7 – Norma Jeter
Senate District 8 – Pat Reid
Senate District 9 – Kensley Stewart
Senate District 10 – Marjorie Moffitt
Senate District 11 – Barbara Meeks
Senate District 12 – Beryl Dowd
Senate District 13 – Ron Meinke
Senate District 14 – Cherry G. Haught
Senate District 15 – Margie Forster
Senate District 16 – Bonnie Wells
Senate District 17 – David Rosenthal
Senate District 18 – Linda Hancock
Senate District 19 – Jackie Dowdy
Senate District 20 – Tom Knight
Senate District 21 – Michael P. Hoffman
Senate District 22 – Duke Machado
Senate District 23 – Larry Phillips
Senate District 24 – Capy Alaxander
Senate District 25 – Kelly Donegan Follis
Senate District 26 – David L. Rosa
Senate District 27 – Ida R. Stacy
Senate District 28 – Bradford L. Moore
Senate District 29 – Robert (Bobby) Pena
Senate District 30 – Sharon Van Baale
Senate District 31 – William Sumerford


David Bellow
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See video and a picture of the Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst speaking at the Volunteer of the Year Dinner: 


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It was an awesome night...filled with Texas Patriots!  Republicans!!

I also recorded the audio and edited the Pledges and the National Anthem, which sounds awesome!


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