Congressional Pig Book Highlights $16.5 Billion in Wasteful Earmark Spending!

The following is a statement from Republican Congressman Michael McCaul (TX-10) regarding the 20th Anniversary Congressional Pig Book published last week by Citizens Against Government Waste, highlighting $16.5 billion in wasteful earmark spending:

"I applaud Citizens Against Government Waste for shining a bright light on this egregious abuse of spending taxpayer money by members on both sides of the aisle. I urge every American to read their report. Two years ago I took a stand against this broken and corrupt process by refusing to request earmarks until the system is 100% transparent as to the sponsor and recipient and until each earmark is subject to an up or down vote on the House floor. I am proud that my House Republican colleagues recently joined my stand for reform. Americans deserve a real commitment to stop spending their hard-earned money on wasteful special interest pork projects."

Congressman McCaul, a former federal prosecutor in the Department of Justice's Public Integrity Unit, stopped requesting earmarks at the beginning of 2008. He has also led the "No Monuments to Me" effort, which bans funding of projects named after sitting members of Congress. View Rep. McCaul's op-ed on earmark spending published in the Houston Chronicle.


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