Congressman Darrell Issa Opposes Obama's Lawsuit Against Arizona - Has Practical Ideas For Immigration

Republican Congressman from California, Darrell Issa, said in a Fox News interview with Greta Van Susteren that he is opposed to the lawsuit that the Obama Administration has filed against Arizona's SB1070. Issa rightly called the Administration's lawsuit is frivolous "All Arizona is really doing is making these programs standard so they are effective and now getting pushback." Issa says that the Administration wants to use enforcement as a bargaining chip to push amnesty on the American people "The fact is they lose this bargaining tool if states can individually say, no. Just do your job. We don't want to hear about anything else except do your job."


Congressman Issa made it clear that the American People are opposed to amnesty "I want President Obama to realize that the American people do not want amnesty. They are perfectly willing to support a viable guest worker program, but that's a guest worker program." But Issa says that both sides must be willing to compromise,

The problem is one side says enforcement first. The other side says give us amnesty and we'll keep from it happening again. Both sides have to be willing to give. You can't have six million, seven million workers disappear at once.


At the same time you have to have a program where people understand they are not going to get to stay here forever just because they came illegally.


On the issue of border security Issa says that we need a combination of enforcement and reform, and that the Administration is attempting to prevent Arizona from enforcing the law "we will never have secure borders unless we have interior enforcement, something Arizona is trying to assist the federal government in doing. The Obama administration is trying to stop them from the only secondary protection that is going to make our jobs and our homes really safe."


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