Conservatism Reloaded

In college I was a fierce Texas hold em player. Still it wasnt at the tables that I learned one of lifes greatest lessons, that a loaded gun beats a full house any day. Political warfare has positioned conservatives with a royal flush since we can point back to our Founding Fathers, the Constitution, history and how the American way has led to our rise as the alpha country in the world. With an almost 70% backing of the population stating that Obamacare was not acceptable, with the phone lines cooking, Tea Partiers marching to the front steps of the Capitol, with the real life examples of failed socialistic systems across the world, we still lost to the loaded gun of a hyper corrupt Cronyist big government, Democratic machine. We have our work cut, fellow conservatives! It is paramount that we remember that in order to implement conservative public policy, we must first obtain power. It matters nothing how much you know the Constitution, how pure of a conservative you are, the concepts of Liberty, if we dont have the numbers needed to even bring forth our ideas to all levels of government. What matters is that we collect the votes! Put back your RINO hunting guns into the holster, lets build the Republican party back up to the status of a powerful coalition. Let us begin by winning the hearts and minds of our urban areas where baby steps are needed. Conservatism in context will be the key. Strategy, patience, and understanding that our love for conservative principles comes from, within the duty of eternal vigilance, means daily making the appeal to our neighbor that money in their pocket is better than in the governments pocket. We must adjust our message to our audience, and if you keep hammering away with the idea that the changing of the language is compromising our conservative beliefs then you belong in the church business where men and women daily fight to prove who is the most pious of believers. What we need are missionaries who will boldly break comfort zones and engage others, guerrilla marketers who will push our brand with limited resources but with clever messaging, and troops who will sit down and sip tea with the tribal leaders of our Texas neighborhoods. If this health care debate has taught us anything it is that the days of a giant sleeping are over. It is time to be eternally vigilant, maneuvering and patiently building the conservative machine that will turn back the generations of work of our political counterparts. It begins with votes. Like one of my buddies, Felicia Cravens, founder of the Houston Tea Party, says "its simple, fifty percent plus one!"

When Paul Ryan took on the Democrats at the so called "Health Care Summit" he obliterated Obama and the Democrats using figures, and the CBO analysis.

But this was not the first time he brought up the issue on health care. Here Barney Frank makes the accusation and plays the card of "where were you?"

Many are asking the same question in the ghettoes, barrios, blue collar working neighborhoods, inner cities and Democrat controlled areas that have been enslaved by the power of free money politics. Empty precinct chairs in the Republican party in these areas might not be our fault but they reflect badly on our movement. Respect for our message grows when it is consistent and is visible in the lives of all Americans. Lets keep fighting, tell your neighbors and friends, lets begin with our local level as we slowly undo what was done due to our lack of political activity. Soon, if we keep fighting, the conservative movement will be firing on all cylinders.




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