Conservative Featured Voice: Rebecca Cervera

Rebecca Cervera is the Republican Candidate for Texas State Representative in District 41. 

Rebecca Cervera is an entrepreneur, business owner, musician, community activist, and mother of four boys.

As one of 13 children raised in a transient and uneducated family, Rebecca had her first job at age 11. At age 12 she enrolled in high school and earned her diploma while living with classmates, teachers, and foster families. In college she worked full time, participated in campus outreaches, studied abroad, and was a delegate to the Intercollegiate Legislature. She received her B.S. in International Business.

While attending graduate school, Rebecca was recruited as a full time missionary to set up adult education programs for impoverished indigenous people in Northern Mexico. At the end of her term she began work as a cross cultural business liaison, specializing in loss prevention and employee retention. While living in Mexico she continued volunteer service with American expatriate and local youth programs.

Since returning to the U.S., Rebecca has become a managing partner in a customs brokerage and owns a produce distribution company. She founded Royal Readers, a literacy campaign that promotes the virtues of literacy through motivational concerts, radio segments, public education, literature, and the arts. She is also an Hidalgo County Juvenile Court Conference Committee member, mentoring non-violent first time offenders.

Rebecca believes that District 41 is ready to elect a delegate who represents the values and makeup of our district. She understands that building a strong and stable community is the foundation and future of our district.

You can follow Rebecca Cervera on Facebook as well as read her blog entitled, "Life.Liberty.Happiness."


"I believe that financial autonomy and economic stability are achieved through minimal taxation, competitive free markets, and preservation of property ownership. "

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