Defense Bill Pays For Sprinkler System in New York, Visitor Center in San Francisco

Obama once said in a meeting of the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Phoenix:

If a project doesn't support our troops, we will not fund it. If a system doesn't perform, we will terminate it. And if Congress sends me a defense bill loaded with that kind of pork, I will veto it.

So then why did he sign into law the 2010 Defense Appropriations Bill- a $636 billion bill with $4.2 billion of pork? This bill includes:

  • $5 million for a visitors center in San Francisco
  • $23 million for indigent health care in Hawaii
  • $18 million for the Edward Kennedy Policy Institute in Massachusetts
  • $1.6 million to computerize hospital records in Oakland ∙$47 million for anti-drug training centers around the country
  • $20 million for the World War II Museum in Louisiana
  • $3.9 million grant to develop an energy-efficient solar film for buildings
  • $800,000 for minority prostate cancer research
  • $3.6 million for marijuana eradication in Kentucky
  • $2.4 million for handicap access and a sprinkler system at a community club in New York
A study by the Center of Defense Information says earmarks like those in this bill -- including those for the solar film, prostate cancer research, and the New York sprinkler system -- mean less money for pilot training, supplies, repairs and ammunition.

So not only is Obama selling out America, but he is selling out the military too!


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