Congressman Smith Opposes Budget Deal

Yesterday, I voted against a deal to raise the debt limit to $19.6 trillion with no ceiling.

This budget deal is irresponsible and represents Washington at its worst.

It abandons spending caps, increases the nation’s deficit, and puts no ceiling on raising the debt limit.

The Budget Control Act of 2011 requires Congress to put caps on federal spending that have resulted in a three-year decrease in spending for the first time in 60 years. This deal raises the budget caps by $112 billion over the next two years and adds to the deficit. Rather than increase spending, I favor a balanced budget.

The American people want Washington to get its economic house in order and live within its means. But the budget bill mortgages our future. This deal will take our national debt from $19 trillion to almost $20 trillion, further slowing economic growth.

This deal contains no specific debt limit. It allows President Obama and the next president to borrow as much money as they want through March 2017.

The bill was introduced late Monday night and voted upon Wednesday afternoon. It violates the spirit of the House rule that gives the American people and their representatives three days to read and consider major legislation.


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