Cornyn: Obama Policies, Not Speeches Damage Our Economy

I spoke on the Senate floor today, inviting his fellow Senators to embrace the Texas model, proven to create economic growth, rather than relying on the failed policies of President Obama.

The full speech can be seen here and excerpts of my remarks are below:

“President Obama is scheduled to give a major speech on the economy tomorrow. Unfortunately, according to press reports, his new ideas for bolstering job creation bare a remarkable resemblance to his old ideas.

“The problem is that President Obama’s, not his speeches, but his actual policies, have done tremendous damage to the economic prospects of the same people he purports to be championing. Indeed, the Obama economy has threatened to create a lost generation of younger Americans who are drowning in debt and are unable to find good, full-time jobs.

“Unfortunately, as a result of the failed policies that we've seen over the last five years, recent college graduates actually believe they're going to have less opportunity and less prosperity than generations that come before. There's no reason why that has to be the case. There's no good reason why the Obama economy has to become the new normal…not in a country as hardworking, entrepreneurial and innovative as the United States of America.

“Here in Washington, many policy makers seem to have forgotten the recipe, the secret sauce, if you will, for a strong, sustainable economic growth.

“Now I would invite them to visit my state of Texas, which has been luring job creators from all across the nation, and lo and behold you find that when people have opportunity and jobs, they tend to vote with their feet. Which is one reason why after the last census we had four new congressional seats created in Texas, because people had literally shifted from parts of the country where they couldn't find jobs to places like Texas where they could.

“Hopefully, we in Washington, D.C., those of us who happen to work here as part of our job, we will embrace those policies and those success stories and make them possible for the rest of the country as well.”


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