Debora Georgatos’ New Book Offers Remedy for Gender Gap Voting Syndrome and Post Traumatic Election Depression

Conservative talk show host Mark Davis interviewed Dallas author and TexasGOPVote blogger Debbie Georgatos, one week before Election Day 2012, about her new book Ladies, Can We Talk? America Needs Our Vote! You can listen to the interview here. The very popular Mark Davis hosts the 7am to 10am show daily on KSKY/660AM in Dallas, and occasionally subs for Rush Limbaugh.

Mark Davis “loves” “Ladies, Can We Talk? America Needs Our Vote!” calling it a “really good political book.” Davis exuded “I’m a dude .. I loved it. It’s … a really good political book …. In fact the greatest compliment I can offer is that you can actually take this book and … use it … to get anybody hip to the greatness that is conservatism.” The Albany Times Union called it “conversational and straightforward in style.”

Ladies, Can We Talk? America Needs Our Vote! encourages American women to take a fresh look at their voting decisions and to consider what kind of future those votes will create in America. She sets out facts, figures, and footnotes, and interweaves that data with warm and personal real-life stories of women, all to demonstrate that conservative fiscal and limited government policies best serve the needs, interests and well-being of women, and everyone, and are essential to keeping America strong.

Georgatos’ book is designed to empower women to stand up and speak up for the goodness and greatness of America, and to reject the efforts of the American Left to fundamentally transform the nation. She directly addresses the historical voting gender-gap, (the tendency of women to vote Democrat more than Republican), and thoughtfully and thoroughly deconstructs the liberal argument that voting for ever-expanding big-government assistance programs and policies, and the dependency they create, constitutes compassion or fairness (two of the main motivators for women to vote Democrat).

So how does Debbie Georgatos react to the fact that women gave Barack Obama his victory in the 2012 elections, that they voted 55% to 44% for him, and that the voting gender-gap was the widest it has ever been? “We have much more work do to..” she says, and points to the need for politically conservative women to step outside of our comfort zones and participate more regularly in the national political conversation in our day-to-day lives, in our interactions at work and on the playground, in line at the grocery store, and in our daily dialogues with friends and family. Her book offers stories and data to share, and tips about how to share ideas and facts in a non-confrontational way.

Debbie’s book is designed to be a “tool-box for talkers,” a source of information with resources to back it up, and of well-reasoned arguments about why America’s continued greatness can only come from tethering our policies to American ideals.

So if you are still in post-election depression, or if you have already renewed your commitment to stay in the fight to defend America’s core greatness that is based on conservative principles, Ladies, Can We Talk? America Needs Our Vote! is for you. And for your liberal or independent friends who will read facts not hype, and your high-school or college graduate daughter, or any other savvy, thinking women in your life—a truly thought-filled holiday gift.


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