The Hill Report: Week of August 14 - 18, 2017

This past week I was delighted to meet with North Texans across the 32nd Congressional District to discuss important issues facing our community and nation. From volunteering at the North Texas Food Bank, to meeting with healthcare professionals, to meeting with small businesses across the district, I had a productive and informative week talking with the constituents that I proudly represent. 

North Texas Food Bank
There is no better way to spend a Tuesday morning than volunteering at the North Texas Food Bank. My Dallas team and I joined more than 200 volunteers in boxing food, building comradery, and doing the necessary work to ensure that our neighbors and fellow Texans have access to the food and nutrients they need. Volunteering and helping others is extremely important for our society's wellbeing. Our Texas economy is one of the greatest because of hard workers who care about others; therefore, enabling the economy to avoid overbearing government programs and regulations. I sincerely appreciate my Texas neighbors who contribute to society through philanthropy and volunteering. 

 Congressman Sessions and his Dallas team volunteering at North Texas Food Bank

United States Global Leadership Coalition
On Monday, I sat down with leaders with the United States Global Leadership Coalition to discuss America's role as a world leader and the resources we give our State Department to accomplish their mission. In our increasingly interconnected world, I believe it is imperative that America remains actively engaged with our friends and allies abroad. Through smart and effective investments in development and diplomacy, we are better able to keep our citizens safe, strengthen our economy, and save lives, and I appreciate the work of the USGLC to ensure that our nation's leaders have theknowledge and facts required to make smart decisions for America.

Members of the US Global Leadership Conference meeting with Congressman Sessions to discuss the future of theUnited States’ leadership on the international stage

Meeting with North Texas Business Leaders
Dallas Association of Credit Unions
Monday evening I was pleased to speak at the Dallas Association of Credit Unions meeting.  For thelast 8 years, the financial services sector has been under assault from onerous rules and regulations promulgated by bureaucrats in the federal government. With our current administration we have theopportunity to unleash the free market and expand the industry's ability to serve the American people by rolling back some of the regulations, and it was great to spend time with the men and women of theAssociation of Credit Unions discussing how we in Congress can help them serve their members.

 Congressman Sessions meeting with leaders from Credit Unions across the 32nd District 

Texas Security Bank Business Institute
This week, I was delighted to speak to North Texans representing a wide variety of small businesses at the Texas Security Bank Business Institute Luncheon. Specifically, we discussed how congressional actions on rolling back the most burdensome Obama-era regulations and removing red tape will allow small businesses and the free enterprise system to grow and flourish. In working with our colleagues in the Senate, the Congress has been able to pass significant reforms that, since January, have enabled our economy to add almost 863,000 jobs. As Congress returns to Washington after our district work period, I look forward to renewing the fight to reduce the size and burden of the federal government.

 Congressman Sessions meeting with small business owners and members of the Texas Security Bank’s Business Institute on Tuesday to discuss H.R. 10, the Financial Choice Act.

North Texas National Tooling and Machining Association
On Wednesday evening I was delighted to join my friends from the North Texas Chapter of theNational Tooling and Machining Association once again. For 12 years in a row now, I have had theprivilege of addressing this hard-working group of Americans, and sharing my thoughts on Washington and the Congress. Since its establishment in 1943 the  NTMA has been a staunch advocate for the manufacturing industry, and I enjoyed the time we got to spend discussing the issues facing themanufacturing industry and our country as a whole.

 Congressman Sessions speaking at the North Texas National Tooling and Machining Association chapter dinne

Panel Discussions with North Texans
Irving Transportation Investment Summit
As a strong supporter of critical infrastructure legislation that moves our country forward, I was honored to receive the Irving Transportation Conference Lifetime Infrastructure Achievement Award. Ultimately, we must continue to provide for our nation's transportation and economic needs through legislation such as highway bills, the biannual Water Resources Development Act (WRDA), and theTransportation appropriations funding bill. 

 Congressman Sessions with Mayors Doug Athas of Garland and Rick Stopfer of Irving, as well as other members of the Irving Transportation Conference for the presentation of the Lifetime Infrastructure Achievement Award

Dallas Regional Chamber Congressional Forum
On Thursday, I participated in the Dallas Regional Chamber 2017 Congressional Forum alongside my colleagues Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX), Congressman Joe Barton (R-TX), and Congressman Marc Veasey (D-TX). We discussed a wide range of issues including the current political climate, state of the economy, and upcoming legislative action items. While we may disagree from time to time, I am proud to serve Texas alongside my colleagues in Washington, D.C. and look forward to continuing our work on behalf of the people of North Texas.

 Congressman Sessions participating in a panel discussion with Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, Congressman Joe Barton, and Congressman Marc Veasey

Discussing Healthcare with North Texans
On Monday I had the privilege of meeting with local Dallas members of AARP. We had a positive discussion about healthcare, including the benefits of my healthcare bill, the World's Greatest Healthcare Plan. I sincerely enjoyed hearing their thoughts and look forward to continuing to build concordance on this issue. I am confident that through my continued work with beneficiaries like these members of AARP, working with my colleagues in Congress and the White House, we will make healthcare a reality for all.

 Congressman Sessions meeting with representatives of AARP from the 32nd to discuss healthcare and Social Security

Meeting with North Texas Pharmacists
On Tuesday I toured a local pharmacy and enjoyed the opportunity to speak to healthcare professionals who practice in pharmacy. We discussed a number of issues including the frontline steps being taken to combat our nation's opioid epidemic and how Congress can enact policy that best serves those who provide the critical medication and support that pharmacy customers depend on. As a Member of Congress directly involved in working to address the opioid crisis, I am proud to represent North Texas medical professionals that take seriously their commitment to safe patient care. 

 Congressman Sessions meeting with leadership from the National Association of Chain Drug Stores and local pharmacists to discuss the Pharmacy and Medically Underserved Areas Enhancement Act of 2017

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