Pete Sessions Responds to the President’s FY 2017 Budget

Today I issued the following statement in response to the President’s Fiscal Year 2017 budget plan:

The president's aggressively liberal, go-for-broke budget strategy will leave America exactly that – broke. Unsurprisingly, the president's proposed budget is simply more of the same big government liberalism we have seen out of the White House for the last seven years – massive unchecked government, higher taxes, more regulations, and less freedom. Fortunately, thanks to House and Senate Republicans, this budget is also dead on arrival.

Instead of looking for ways to help the American people and our economy, the president's budget includes a so-called oil tax that would raise taxes on every single American family and business. The budget also doubles down on the same unnecessary regulations on businesses that have shackled our economy and once again fails to provide a real solution to shrink the deficit.

These liberal budgetary gambles don't work for our economy, they don't work for small businesses, and they don't work for American families. I have always believed that the biggest threat to our country is a big, unchecked federal government. Republicans understand this and are working to put forth a budget that reins in out-of-control spending, cuts our deficit and balances within less than a decade, bolsters our economy, and lays the foundation to create more opportunities for all Americans. Americans deserve a more serious budget than the one proposed by the president today.


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